The latest release of Advanced Visuals starts new era in report filtering

Aug 26, 2019

The latest, 1.4. product release of Advanced Visuals is out. And it comes with new and exciting features – brand new on-chart interactions, useful customization options and support for popular features available within Power BI.   
Here are Top 5 head-turners you should be aware of. 

1. Bring new data exploration experience to report users with cross-chart filtering

Cross-chart filtering is a new addition to our family of interactions that changes the report filtering as you know it. Instead of slicers, you can now build filter combinations by simply selecting data points on multiple charts. It will save the screen space, and decision makers will appreciate the interactive data exploration experience.

2. Enjoy more powerful Advanced Combo and TimeSeries Visuals

Both visuals now have static and dynamic thresholds and outline styling . These features will enable you to effectively visualize targets, KPIs and benchmarks on top of actual business data.
Visit demo report to see these features in action
In addition, we have added stacked series value formatting.  It allows to show the total stacked value while keeping the series split in the tooltip. This way your visual can provide complete overview of the data – totals and contribution of each individual series.
If you are working with time-based data extensively, you will appreciate the Timezone for display feature for TimeSeries visual. With a single click you can easily convert GMT (UTC+0) data to local time zone, enabling report viewers to see and interpret time-based data according to their respective time zone.

3. Apply license credentials hassle free

Gone are the days of entering license credentials for each individual visual. You can now use Advanced Visuals custom theme to apply them for whole report.
Access the theme in your Advanced Visuals account .

4. Style your report with custom themes

With the new custom theme support you can easily style your reports. Apply corporate colors or create your own design– Advanced Visuals will fit in just perfectly. 

5. Customize display units for labels and tooltips separately

Display units allow to format larger number abbreviations (thousands, millions, billions, trillions) for tooltip and labels separately. Use this feature to build easily readable visuals with standardized units, while providing detailed information (e.g. exact number) in the tooltip.
It is also worth mentioning, that all Advanced Visuals now have:
  • Bookmark support - save your report view configurations
  • Drill-Through support - explore data in detail
  • Filter control - choose if visual acts as a filter 
The latest release* of visuals is already available for download in your Advanced Visuals account !
Try them out and let us know what you think!
*Please note that due to Microsoft’s App Source update procedures, the latest version of Advanced Visuals might appear in the App Source with delay.