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drill down timeline pro

Drill Down Timeline PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Explore time-based data using columns or measures.

  • Choose between multiple chart types and customize them fully to your liking.
  • Explore data intuitively by combining on-chart interactions with cross-chart filtering.
  • Have full control over your data using DAX calculated measures.
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Timeline interactions

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Use cases

Visualize a sequence of events for marketing, finance, sales, and manufacturing data.


Measure web traffic and your audience reach. See and compare lead volume and sales revenue dynamics.


Visualize economic data. Get a clear look at stock exchange indices, capital ratios, and transaction volumes.


Monitor inventory movement and turnover, keep a track on loading time. Gauge out fleet maintenance costs.


Oversee and analyze quality metrics. Keep up with uptime and downtime, production output and cost.

Key features


Ensure compelling data storytelling and maximum user friendliness through vast customization options. Add navigation arrows. Use lines, areas and columns for chart series.

Customize up to 25 series

Don’t worry about constrictions. Input up to 25 series and explore large amounts of data. Default series configurator lets you efficiently customize all series at once.

Conditional formatting

Use color-based formatting to better compare and analyze your data. Make the chart automatically highlight certain values that are out of bounds. Use different formatting modes – gradients, stepped values, and more.


Demonstrate milestones or targets using thresholds. Add line and area thresholds, customize their every aspect.

Legend formatting

Add and customize the legend block. Pick different markers, customize the fonts and colors to help your users follow and read your report.

Add native and custom tooltips

Make your reports more user-friendly than ever before by customizing tooltips. Hide series with no data in the tooltip. Customize displayed text for empty tooltips. Use both native and custom ZoomCharts tooltips.

Built-in value aggregation

Upon selecting multiple units for certain series, choose how the visual aggregates the values – sum, average, max, min, first, last, count.

DAX Calculated Measure support

Timeline PRO supports DAX calculated measures. Drill down into multiple levels while the chart calculates and applies your measures automatically. Experience full control over your data.

These visuals in your report would fit perfectly with Drill Down Timeline PRO:

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Frequently asked questions

This field allows you to define the display units used within the visual. Note that only certain names can be used here. More about these definitions can be found here.

The two date fields allow the visual to properly calculate DAX measures used in series. `Date Hierarchy` allows you to define the levels of granularity. The `Date Value (X-Axis)` field allows the visual to connect the actual date/time to then be connected to the levels provided in the hierarchy.

This might be due to the data setup in the 'Date Value (X-Axis)'. If you have time units in the hierarchy, make sure that the column used in 'Date Value (X-Axis)' has a Date/Time format and not just Date. Also, double-check if you have the actual timestamp as part of the data.

You can control this through formatting options. Formatting options > Initial Display Unit. More information can be found here.

Despite there being very few differences when it comes to formatting, the Timeline visual allows you to use DAX calculated measures as values in Series, and still has the ability to move between the hierarchy units.