Drill Down Scatter PRO for Microsoft Power BI

Coming in 2021
  • Adjustable quadrants
  • Customizable data point size
  • Rectangular selection
  • Zoom in / out
    And many more advanced features

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All ZoomCharts custom visuals for Microsoft Power BI are equipped with extensive drill-down features, customization options and cool-looking animations.


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Everything You Need To Know About Power BI Bar Charts

It is likely that, before hearing about Power BI, almost everyone’s first encounter with a bar chart happened all the way back in pre-school. After all, Power BI bar charts are one of the simplest and universally recognized charts in most industries. But did you know about all the various sub-types you can create using just this one custom visual for Power BI? After reading this article on Combo Bar PRO, you will associate bar charts with a world of endless possibilities. We are going to cover the basics of Power BI bar charts, their uses, their sub-types, and how Combo Bar PRO expands upon our preconceived notions on what you can achieve with a Power BI bar chart.

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Feb 14, 2022

Power BI Donut Chart

The donut and pie charts are some of the most ubiquitous charts around. Instantly recognizable by people who have very little to do with charts, every report creator is bound to have to include a Power BI donut chart into a report at some point. This is not a commentary on whether you should love or hate donut charts, but rather a guide on getting the most out of donut and pie charts. Strap in tight, we're going to go over the whys, hows, do's and don'ts of Power BI donut charts.

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Sep 04, 2022

Business Intelligence Implementation: A Complete Guide

It's no secret that the leading organizations of the world don't take any chances when it comes to business strategy - they use business intelligence to make data-driven decisions. Just like a sports team needs a coach or an army needs a strategist to achieve victory, your can reach your business goals more efficiently with the help of a robust BI system and expert BI analysts.

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Aug 30, 2021

Top 5 Best Power BI Report Design Practices

First impressions matter, even when you're creating Power BI reports. When your users open your report for the first time, they need to be presented with good-looking visuals that present data in an easy-to-read way, otherwise they'll leave confused and with more questions than before.


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Sep 07, 2022