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drill down Waterfall pro

Drill Down Waterfall PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Show data sequences in beautiful, interactive, and easy-to-read way.

  • Create a smart waterfall chart that automatically calculates subtotals.
  • Drill down easily with intuitive touch controls and cross-chart filtering.
  • Customize your chart with a wide range of formatting options.
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Waterfall interactions

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Use cases

Visualize changes over time and see a detailed breakdown of your numbers.

Accounting & Finance

Create a bridge chart of your profits and losses and include all your revenue, costs, taxes, and other items.

Human Resources

Track the changes in your staff over time and categorize them by department.

Inventory Management

Monitor your stock movement, chart your opening and closing stock and analyze the difference.

Sales & Marketing

See the changes in your leads and conversions; track your audience size, engagement metrics, or search volume.

Key features

Automatic subtotal calculation

Don’t worry if your data does not contain subtotal values. Drill Down Waterfall PRO will automatically calculate subtotals if their fields are empty.

Custom sequence

Have full control of how your data is displayed. You can choose the default order in which the columns are displayed or define your own sequence.


Add up to four static or dynamic thresholds and compare how your data stacks up to your KPIs, benchmarks, or projections. You can even choose between line or area thresholds.

On-chart interactions

Explore your data intuitively and effortlessly. Pan, zoom-in, and touch/click any of the columns to drill down further.

Cross-chart filtering

Find the exact data you want across multiple charts. ZoomCharts visualizations work together to bring you relevant info without the need for slicer menus.

Full customization

Adjust every detail, including colors, legends, labels, thresholds, tooltips, and more to make your chart look and feel just how you want.

Bookmark support

Create custom views for your users to let them conveniently access the data you want them to see.

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ZoomCharts Assistance

Contact our experts with any question about Power BI and ZoomCharts for Free!

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Frequently asked questions

To make Drill Down Waterfall PRO calculate all subtotals, there are two things that you need to do:

1. Provide a sequence field. This will make it so that categories without values need to be displayed in the visual.

2. Go to Formatting options > Column Settings > Sub Total Mode – set this to All. You can read more about other modes here -

By default, Drill Down Waterfall PRO will sort the data in descending order. This means that it will go from the highest increase to the lowest decrease. You can also turn this around with the ascending order. If you want to control exactly where the category is placed, use the sequence field and provide an index column for the sorting order.