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drill down Graph pro

Drill Down Graph PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Create slick and interactive graphs that are a joy to explore.

  • Visualize complex hierarchies and relationships in a simple and easy-to-read way.
  • Navigate your data easily with intuitive multi-touch controls and cross-chart filtering.
  • Customize your graph with layout presets, rich visual formatting, custom toolbars, and more.
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Graph interactions

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Use cases

Create a comprehensive yet clean overview of relationships, dependencies, and outliers.

Human Resources

Visualize the chain-of-command in your company with an org chart. You can also attach photos and e-mail hyperlinks for each employee.

Banking & Finance

Make your transaction data or anti-money laundering analysis smoother and more efficient with interactive flow charts.

PR & Marketing

Create a chart of your stakeholders or manage your commercial accounts. Visualize your community and track web traffic.

Information Technologies

Analyze your IT infrastructure and visualize your network with a clear graph. Identify, track, and maintain your assets with an ITAM graph.

Key features

Simple & powerful

Start creating your graph with just three data fields – Source, Target, and Value. Your visualization can be as complex as you want, and you can even implement DAX calculations.

Multiple layouts

Create a graph that perfectly suits your needs by choosing between multiple layout options, including Dynamic, Hierarchy, and Radial.

Focus nodes

Declutter even the most complex graphs by marking the most important nodes as focus nodes. You can then drill down and expand them with just a click.

Node customization

Adjust the color, shape, outline, and label for each individual node, an entire hierarchy level or all nodes at once. You can also attach your own images to a node.

Link customization

Denote hierarchies and relationships with customizable one-way or two-way links between the nodes. Furthermore, you can add labels to the links to briefly explain the relationship.

Tooltip customization

Choose between Power BI’s built-in or our custom tooltips for nodes and links. You can also feature clickable hyperlinks to a website or e-mail address.


Group multiple similar nodes together with colorful and distinct auras. It’s a visually pleasing and effective way to, for example, highlight separate teams in your org chart.

Interactive toolbar

Customize the toolbar with a wide range of on-chart interactions to make it easier for your end users to explore your data.

Cross-chart filtering

Make your reports truly interactive by automatically filtering the relevant data across multiple charts. No need for slicers – simply click on the data node you want to drill down to.

Bookmark support

Capture specific views and create easy buttons that your end users can use to conveniently access exactly the data they need to see.

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ZoomCharts Assistance

Contact our experts with any question about Power BI and ZoomCharts for Free!

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Frequently asked questions

Drill Down Graph PRO is a security certified visual, which means that it's not allowed to load images through direct URLs. To make the visual load and show images, they need to be encoded into base64. If you are still experiencing issues, reach out to our support team [email protected]

Expand and collapse can be enabled once you've done these steps:

1. You have defined focus nodes -

2. Display mode has been set to Focus Nodes. This can be done in two ways:

a. You have set Focus Nodes as your initial display mode by going under Formatting Options > Navigation > Initial Display Mode. Set this to Focus Nodes.
b. You can change the display mode by clicking the Display Mode toolbar button. Make sure it's enabled under Formatting Options > Toolbar.

Currently, Drill Down Graph PRO supports 3 layout modes:

1. Dynamic
2. Hierarchy (allows you to change direction)
3. Radial