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ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts - 2022 Roadmap

date 03 Nov, 2021

time 01:00 PM - EDT

What's coming to ZoomCharts in 2022? We will present how we utilize the qualities of WebGL to render faster and better for more data insights. This includes a demo of the new version of ZoomCharts NetChart 2.0 for the first time before its launch later this year.







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Webinar Recordings

ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts - Best of 2021

This webinar recording showcases the most upvoted key features within the ZoomCharts JavaScript library, with a closer look at the Geo, Facet, and Time chart.

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How do I sign up for a live webinar?

You can sign up for Power BI webinars by heading to the corresponding webinar page. There you'll find a form that will let you register.

What are these webinars about?

All webinars by ZoomCharts focus on data visualization and report creating, data analytics, as well as the latest news for Power BI and Custom Visuals in general.

Is it free to sign up for a webinar?

Yes, all Power BI webinars by ZoomCharts are free.

What should I do if I can't make the webinar at the scheduled time?

If you can't make a scheduled webinar, no worries. Just let us know and we'll post the live recording so you can view it any point at your convenience.

Once the webinar is over, will I have access to the recording?

Yes, you can rewatch the webinars at any point when it's convenient for you.

Do I need to mute myself on the live webinar?

No, there is no need to mute yourself as the host will automatically mute you.

What if I have questions after the webinar?

At the end of every Power BI webinar we allocate time to answer any questions viewers might have.

How many times can I view the recording?

You can view the Power BI webinar recordings as many times as you'd like.