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drill down Map pro

Drill Down Map PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Show your data on an interactive map and give it location-based context.

  • Choose any map provider, including Azure Maps, OpenStreetMap, and others.
  • Group your data nodes into clusters and zoom-in to drill down.
  • Customize the look and feel of your chart with a wide range of formatting options.
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Map interactions

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Use cases

With a wide variety of customization options, the possibilities for creating interactive map charts are endless.

Sales & Marketing

Map your retail network, analyze your sales performance by region, and make decisions on which markets to focus on the most.


Monitor your production numbers across the world and get an overview of all your power plants, mining sites, or factories.

Social sciences

Analyze your socio-demographic research results and break down your statistics by location.


Track your environmental responsibility goals and show your sustainability progress on a map.

Key features

Easy to use

Build your map chart with just a few clicks. Drill Down Map PRO will generate an interactive map from any dataset that includes latitude and longitude fields.

Map layer selection

Select from various base layer options, including Azure Maps or custom tile servers (including OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, CartoDB and more). You can even import custom images like floor plans, or use None if you need to focus on shapes rather than actual maps.

Custom shape layers

Separate regions with up to ten shape layers and define their sequence. Create your own, use visual’s built-in shape layers, or reference external KML or GeoJSON files.

Node clustering

Combine multiple nearby nodes into one cluster that can be visualized as a pie chart. Drill down by simply zooming in.

Multi-page tooltips

Get a quick glance of the contents within a cluster by right clicking the node. The tooltip will separate each region’s data into its own page.


Group similar nodes / locations into colorful and visually distinct auras by choosing a specific property. You can fully customize the aura color and outline.

Data-driven customization

Adjust node shape, color, size, name and other properties for individual points automatically based on your data.

Cross-chart filtering

Explore relevant data across multiple charts as you drill down. With cross-chart filtering, you can find exactly what you need without any slicers or other menus.

Full customization

Impress your end users and make your maps visually attractive with a large selection of formatting options, including custom images, colors, node shapes, label styles and more.

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ZoomCharts Assistance

Contact our experts with any question about Power BI and ZoomCharts for Free!

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Frequently asked questions

If the custom shape layer you have chosen is not being shown, the following may be at fault:

1. The source URL does not have CORS headers enabled.
2. The custom GeoJSON or KML is using properties that are currently not supported.
3. File size limit is exceeded.

For assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team [email protected]

To do this, you need to adjust the Max Clustering Zoom Level setting. This can be found under Formatting options > Node Settings. Once you reach the defined zoom level on the map, the clusters will be split. This is when additional single node properties will also be used - shapes, colors, images and more.

Unfortunately, the file needs to be hosted online and an appropriate URL must be provided, and CORS headers enabled.

The visibility of the shape layer is controlled by 2 settings - Min Zoom and Max Zoom. Both can be found under Formatting options > Shape Layer X Settings. Keep in mind that if multiple layers have the same min/max level, all of them will be visible at that level.

Unfortunately, rule-based conditional formatting is currently not supported by Drill Down Map PRO.