Single plan – All Advanced Visuals included

Priced per every user - report creator AND viewer

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Report Creator License


Required by Power BI report authors creating, editing and sharing reports.


USD 1.99

Per user per month, billed annually


USD 1.99

Report Viewer License


Required by Power BI report viewers accessing and using shared reports.


USD 24.99

Per user per month, billed annually


USD 24.99

Accepted payment methods
Visa MasterCard American Express PayPal Wire Transfer
Please note that our prices are VAT exclusive. VAT will be billed to EU customers if a valid VAT number is not provided.
TOTAL per year:

USD 0.00

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All Advanced Visuals Come With These:

  • Microsoft security certification
  • 500+ chart variations
  • 1000+ customization options
Supported Solutions
  • Power BI Desktop, Services and Mobile
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Power BI Embedded

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing & Pricing

To activate paid features in Advanced Visuals you need to acquire a commercial license key and hash value both of which must be entered in each visual that you wish to unlock according to the instruction here. To get a license key and hash value you have an option to take a trial here thus receiving a temporary commercial license key or an option to purchase a yearly subscription license for required number of users here.

Yes. There is a single license key and hash value per organization (unless individually requested otherwise) to be used by all report creators to activate all our Advanced Visuals. Report viewers don’t need to enter license key to see and work with reports having our visuals, they just need physical access to reports themselves.

Advanced Visuals are licensed per users having access to and interacting with Power BI reports where they are used. There are two types of role-based user licenses: Report Creator License (RCL) required by all named users who build, edit and share reports and Report Viewer License (RVL) required by all named users who explore data in shared reports.

In case of Report Creator License (RCL), you should count all named users having access to reports with Advanced Visuals in edit mode where Advanced Visuals license key and hash value is used to activate paid license functionality. In case of Report Viewer License (RVL), you should count all named users having physical access and rights to explore shared reports with Advanced Visuals in view mode.

For simplification and extended value purposes we have a single licensing plan called All Advanced Visuals for Power BI where all existing visuals are included. We plan to deliver in upcoming months more new visuals (see our roadmap here) all of which will be added to the same plan.

General licensing terms and conditions are the same for all size organizations. But organizations with large amounts of users can acquire packages of licenses available in different sizes starting from 100 users, thus benefiting from volume order discounts and simplified count of required number of licenses. Request a quote here, if you are interested in Advanced Visuals for a large organization.

Yes. If you choose to publish reports with Advanced Visuals to a public website (authentication is not required to access reports), you should acquire an External Viewer Site License (EVSL) providing you with rights to give access to Advanced Visuals to unlimited number of public users. EVSL is licensed per global domain where reports are published. Request a quote here, if you are interested in EVSL.

Advanced Visuals are priced on yearly subscription basis including access to all newest updates and support. You may add additional licenses at any time during your subscription. Prices for newly added licenses will then be pro-rated to cover only the period left till your subscription annuity date. For organization used to perpetual license scenario we provide special multi-year subscription terms: request a quote here to learn more about it.

Yes. All priced are Value Added Tax (VAT) exclusive. For purchasing customers from the EU countries applicable VAT tax will be calculated on top of displayed and communicated priced unless VAT number will be provided to us during the purchase checkout process.

Yes. If you purchased Advanced Visuals for Power BI and within 30 days from your initial purchase date you came to conclusion you would like to discontinue the subscription, feel free to benefit from our money back guarantee. We will kindly ask you the reason behind your decision and pay back full amount within 15 days after the request.

Purchase & Billing

Once the required amount of Report Creator Licenses and Report Viewer Licenses on our Pricing page have been selected, proceed to by clicking on “Buy Now” button that will take you to the Sign-in page where you can use the same credentials you used for creating the trial or you can create different credentials. After successful logging in you will be asked to fill in the billing details and select the payment method. Depending on the chosen payment method you will be either automatically taken to final step asking you to enter your credit card details or contacted by our Customer Service to complete the purchase.

Once you will complete a successful payment you will receive a notification about successful charge to indicated billing email address with the charge statement. On top of it you will receive another email with an invoice serving as proof of purchase of Advanced Visuals for Power BI licenses.

You can choose to pay with credit card (we accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express) or via bank transfer. In either case we also accept Purchase Orders (PO’s) if that is required. All payment options are secured by Stripe and Braintree (a PayPal service).

All visuals will be available for download in your Advanced Visuals account here. Please, use the same credentials that were applied during the purchase process. There you will also have access to license key and hash value to be used by all report creators in your organization to activate all our Advanced Visuals.

All active subscriptions have auto-renewal feature enabled, thus a renewal charge will be attempted on your subscription annuity date. In case of either successful or unsuccessful charge you will receive a system notification. Please, contact us here, if you would like to disable the auto-renewal feature. Failure to make the renewal payment in grace period – 30 days after your annuity date during which you shall receive multiple payment reminders – will result with cancelation of your subscription.

In case you would like to cancel your subscription, please contact us here, thus initiating the cancelation process. If there won’t be any overdue payments your subscription will be cancelled immediately, and you will be notified about it. If your subscription will have overdue payments, your subscription will be stopped but not cancelled until payments will get settled.