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JavaScript Code examples

Explore different chart types that you can build with ZoomCharts. All examples have copy-and-paste code for quick start.
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Cross-charts filtering

Cross-chart filtering lets your end user find answers in data using charts as filters. Combining multiple charts enables quick multi-dimensional filtering.


Incremental loading

ZoomCharts Charts are Big Data ready - data is requested incrementally and only for the necessary range. Zoom in and charts will automatically ask for more data.


Auto aggregation

ZoomCharts Charts can automatically aggregate data for you. Provide data in days and chart will be able to show weeks, months, years and so on. Mix and match with your data source capabilities as necessary.

By developers, for developers

ZoomCharts easily integrates with any frontend framework, programming language and data source.

Code examples

Hundreds of examples with live code examples. Click here to view ZoomCharts examples.


TypeScript IntelliSense

Get a complete IntelliSense by using ZoomCharts TypeScript definition file. Saves development time and increases your product quality.


Console notifications

ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts provide instant console notifications about any configuration issues and/or other issues.


Online documentation

Learn ZoomCharts through a very comprehensive documentation. Click here to go to the ZoomCharts documentation.

Data Connections

ZoomCharts can be connected to any data source. Here is some more info about data connection options.

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