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drill down Network pro

Drill Down Network PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Visualize the relations between multiple categories in a simple and beautiful way.

  • Generate an interactive network chart automatically from category-based data.
  • Customize your chart to fit your style and needs.
  • Drill down into relevant data for each node with cross-chart filtering.
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Network interactions

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Use cases

Network chart will show the relations between the nodes and adjust their size according to their values, making it a great alternative for a multi-level pie chart.


Create an overview of income or expenses for different departments in your organization and find out where your budget is spent.


Make your transaction data or anti-money laundering analysis smoother and more efficient with interactive flow charts.


Break down your marketing strategy and examine the expenses or performance of each of your advertising channels.


Browse a big-picture overview of your franchises or retail locations across multiple regions and easily compare their revenue.

Key features

Automatic relationship detection

Create stunning and effective network charts of up to nine categories with just a few clicks. Simply add your data and Drill Down Network PRO will create a hierarchy and connect the relations between the nodes.

Cross-chart filtering

Explore relevant information in multiple charts at once as you select one or more nodes in your network. Find context-based data without the need for any slicers of other controls.

Dynamic node scaling

See the difference in revenue, performance, or expenses of different nodes at a glance. Drill Down Network PRO will adjust the size of each node according to its numeric value.

Node customization

Highlight the difference in hierarchy by selecting various shapes, fills, colors, and other customization options. You can even apply a custom image to each node.

Force feedback layout

Navigate through your data easily. Drill Down Network PRO will automatically space the nodes out and prevent them from overlapping so your chart is neat and tidy.

Rich formatting options

Make your chart fit your style and needs with a wide range of customization options for the labels, links, legends, and background.


With this feature enabled, the viewport will always keep the relevant nodes in focus as you drill down. Enable or disable it with a button on the toolbar.

These visuals in your report would fit perfectly with Drill Down Network PRO:

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Contact our experts with any question about Power BI and ZoomCharts for Free!

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Frequently asked questions

Drill Down Network PRO is a security certified visual, which means that it's not allowed to load images through direct URLs. To make the visual load and show images, they need to be encoded into base64. If you are still experiencing issues, reach out to our support team [email protected]

Currently, Drill Down Network PRO only supports Force Feedback Layout, which means that nodes are not allowed to overlap. If more layouts are needed, feel free to reach out to the support team to see if the needed layout is planned or if it can be done as a custom feature request.

Drill Down Network PRO reads data based on unique values in each column that you add to the nodes field. So even if they have the same ID, they will be treated as separate entries. For example, A going B and B going to A will result in four nodes instead of two.

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported. However, if this is a crucial requirement for your use case, make sure to reach out to our support team and we will be happy to help you.