Drill Down Network PRO for Power BI

Create beautiful, easy to explore networks from category-based data. Chart automatically detects relations among categories, force feedback layout prevents nodes from overlapping, and rich customization options allow to control the look of each category.

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Automatic relationship

Build network charts
with ease:

  • Add data to automatically generate the network
  • Explore up to 9 data categories
  • Force feedback layout will prevent nodes from overlapping
Rich formatting

Customize whole chart or apply category based formatting:

  • Node color, shape, radius, fill modes
  • Link color, type, decorations
  • Legend, inside and outside data labels and values
End user friendly

Explore data with intuitive
on-chart interactions:

  • Node selection on click or touch
  • Multiple node selection
  • Filter on selection, zoom in/out

Drill Down Network PRO

Paid features

Network Navigator
Chart by Microsoft

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