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drill down timeline pro

Drill Down Donut PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Create interactive donut charts that are simple yet packed with information.

  • Drill down each slice for a more detailed breakdown of your data.
  • Group smaller slices into one section that can be expanded with just a click.
  • Fully customize the look of your chart with advanced formatting options.
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Donut interactions

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Use cases

Show the proportions of multiple categories within a single dataset.


See how many units of each category you have sold or analyze your performance across various audiences.


Visualize your budget or break down your revenue with an interactive donut chart.


Examine which regions, markets or demographics are the most widely represented in your user base.

Project management

Review the resource and time allocation of your projects and manage your expenses.

Key features

Multi-level drill down

Take a closer look at each section and see a more detailed breakdown of a particular category by clicking on the slice. You can drill down to up to nine levels of hierarchy.

Automatic Others grouping

Declutter your data by grouping the smaller sections into one larger slice. Simply click on it to expand its contents.

Fully customizable

Make your chart truly yours. You’ll have a wide variety of formatting options for the chart, legends, markers, tooltips, and more.

Multiple chart types

Create the perfect chart for your data by choosing between pie, donut or gauge chart and adjusting properties such as inner and outer radius.

Cross-chart filtering

Explore your data across multiple charts and find exactly what you need without the need for any slicers or hidden controls.

Bookmark support

Create simple and convenient buttons that will quickly show the exact data you want the user to see.

These visuals in your report would fit perfectly with Drill Down Donut PRO:

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ZoomCharts Assistance

Contact our experts with any question about Power BI and ZoomCharts for Free!

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Frequently asked questions

This is controlled by the `Number of Slices` setting under the `Donut` tab in formatting options. This setting allows you to define how many slices will be visible before the rest gets grouped into `Others` and / or `Previous` depending on the scenario.

Yes, if you go to Formatting options > Donut you will find 2 settings ``Others` Label` and `Previous`Label` which are free text fields where you can enter any value and it will replace the original names.

Yes, if you go to Formatting Options > Fill Color Settings you will see a setting called `Base Fill Color` which allows you to set the source color and all other slices will be a lighter version of the source. This is a great feature since it allows you to create a better association between value used within the visual and other visuals that use the same one.

Yes, this can be done on all levels that the visual has available. Go to Formatting options > Category Colors – each level will have a level indicator next to it for easier reference.

Unfortunately, no, this is currently not a supported setup for the visual. But if this is something that is critical for your setup, make sure to reach out to the product team ([email protected]) to see when this could be added.