Take a look at what to expect from Advanced Visuals in 2020

Jan 23, 2020

New Year’s and season holidays are perfect for reflection and planning. That is exactly what we, ZoomCharts team, have done over the past few weeks. Our journey wouldn’t be possible  without you - our awesome clients, partners and supporters.  That is why we would like to share some of these achievements, milestones and aspirations with you. 

So, what did we accomplish in 2019?

In a nutshell, we love 2019.  We grew our team, we published 3 new visuals and many new features to the existing visuals. We started work on additional 4 visuals which shall be released in 2020. We launched Power Group platform for communicating with developers to shape the visuals moving forward.

Launch of new custom visuals

Last year we published 3 new visuals –Advanced Graph, Waterfall and Combo Bar. All of them were developed with the report consumer in mind, which means all visuals have our signature drill down capability accompanied with smooth animations and rich customization options. With the release of these visuals our visual coverage has been significantly improved, enabling you to build reports that provided consistent drill down experience across entire report.

New behavior - cross-chart filtering

Our product team continuously works on the product updates. In fact, we are publishing new releases almost every month (yet, it takes much more time to get them rolled out on the AppSource). However, we were especially proud of 1.4 product release, because of the introduction of the cross-chart filtering. This feature brings slicer capability directly into charts, reducing the need for standalone slicers. Coupled with touch & go technology, data slicing has never been easier, reducing the number of clicks to minimum and speeding up the data exploration for business users. 

More support and new communication channels with our customers

With all the amazing features that our visuals bring to Power BI, we were constantly receiving requests for tutorials and online support sessions. It became clear, that our customers need much more than scheduled calls and email conversations can offer. Therefore we introduced 2 new communication channels – webinars and online chat. First is perfect for a comprehensive product overview via live or on-demand sessions. Second is handy for quick inquiries about pricing, licensing or product usage and configuration. 

What to expect in 2020?

Continuing the 2019 trend, we are planning on releasing many new visuals that our customers are requesting, and we are also looking forward to improving the existing ones to bring in additional features and possibilities. Here is what you can expect from us in 2020.

More new visuals

In a very close future, we are going to release Drill Down Pie and Multiple Time Series visuals. Apart from that, we are actively working on Drill Down Scatter and Drill Down Bubble Charts with planned release in H1/2020. Additionally, we are working on a new cool IoT Sensor Map visual, which will let you visualize your sensor data in ways never seen before. For the H2/2020 we are considering the release of the Maps Visual which will be based on the interactive ZoomCharts GeoChart module, bringing in intuitive and nice looking data aggregation capabilities.

Measure support

Some of the 1.5 visuals still do not work well with measures, however, this is being addressed as we speak. 1.6. release will provide full measure support in Drill Down Donut and Drill Down Combo Bar PRO and Drill Down Graph Visual. Drill Down TimeSeries visual will receive measure support when we will find a way to do that in a user-friendly way, hopefully in H2/2020.

Improvements to the existing visuals

All existing visuals will receive continues updates throughout the year. If there is a feature that you need, reach out to our support team by sending an email to [email protected] to see if/when/how the feature will be implemented. There are different solutions available.

Product rebranding

We strive to deliver easy, fun and interactive data exploration experience. For a while now we have felt that the name “Advanced Visuals” might not be the best representation of these values. That is why we have decided to change our name. You will be seeing the new product identity quite soon. Stay tuned.

More ideas, samples, tips & tricks

Our clients keep repeating that inspiration drives the creation of beautiful, user-friendly and useful Power BI reports – to help you create better reports, we are going to share many examples of great reports used by companies worldwide. Stay tuned for new webinars, blog entries, sample reports and use cases to get inspired from.

Building a custom visual for you

If your business has a specific need for a visual that does not exist in the marketplace, our professional team can build it for you. Or extensive knowledge of building visuals helps to provide you with the best solution in shortest possible time. If you are interested in such custom visual, please reach out to [email protected] and we will provide you a quote and time estimate.