Advanced Visuals are changing their name. Welcome Drill Down Visuals for Power BI

Feb 10, 2020

Advanced Visuals are changing their product name to better represent ease, interactivity and data exploration experience they bring to Power BI report consumers. Starting February 2020 product is rebranded to Drill Down Visuals for Power BI. 

Every product evolves. With evolution comes the need to redefine and sometimes even rediscover the true value the product brings to its users.

From the very beginning Advanced Visuals team has put the data exploration experience at the forefront of the product development. It has been team’s mission to ensure that data are easy and fun to explore for everyone, enabling companies to make better decisions more often. We have achieved this by putting emphasis on interactions, animations and rich customization options. We have also kept adding new features each month to match various data visualization needs across organizations. Even so, the number of new feature requests is growing each month.

We are glad to see that ZoomCharts mission is as relevant as ever. However, that also got us thinking if the current product name represents the true product benefits. We decided to rename our visuals to Drill Down Visuals for Power BI to emphasize action and key value they bring to reports.

"ZoomCharts has been well-known for its data exploration capabilities. Touch-driven drilldown is one of the key features that sets these visuals apart from other alternatives – simple, yet truly powerful way to explore, comprehend and present business data. In fact, so powerful, that we are changing the name to make it easier for you to find theses visuals in the marketplace. If you have not tried ZoomCharts Drill Down visuals before, I welcome you to start using them now – your management will love reports with ZoomCharts Drill Down visuals, ” comments Janis Volbergs, CEO of ZoomCharts.

Rest assured, while the name is changing, the product and its features won’t be affected. Changes to product visual identity will be kept to minimum as well. We are excited to turn this page and hope the new name will help you bring better data experience to your Power Bi reports.

Download Drill Down Visuals from ZoomCharts account or Microsoft AppSource.