Setting Up Fields

To successfully create a map chart with Drill Down Map PRO, you need to add location data to two mandatory fields:
  • Latitude: global vertical coordinates for each data point.
  • Longitude: global horizontal coordinates for each data point.
You can also use the following optional fields to provide additional data to each data point or apply specific customization rules to their respective nodes:
  • Name: use custom display names for nodes.*
  • Value: provide a numeric value for each node. Without this field, the visual will use 1 as the default value for all nodes.
  • Radius/Size: set a custom node size for each node (in pixels).
  • Node Reach Radiusdefine a value that will be used to draw a shape around the node
  • Color: set a custom color for each node.*
  • Image: assign image to be displayed on the node
  • Shape: use a custom shape for each node.*
  • Category: assign categories for nodes. This will also allow to use Pie Chart On Nodes feature.
  • Aura: assign auras. Multiple nodes with matching aura IDs will be encircled by a colorful “aura”.*
  • Label: define labels for nodes
  • Tooltip Field: add additional data to be displayed in the tooltip
*If Cluster Nodes toggle is enabled, global node settings will override individual node names, colors, shapes, and auras. However, once the user exceeds your selected Max Clustering Zoom Level, clusters will expand into individual nodes that will display their own customization settings.