Cluster Nodes

If this toggle is set to On, the visual will group multiple nearby data points into cluster nodes. By default, this setting is enabled to ensure clarity and readability even on maps with a large amount of nodes. You can disable this setting If you wish to display each data point as an individual node at all times.

Clustering behavior is dependent on your settings and the current zoom level. As the user zooms in closer, cluster nodes may be separated into smaller clusters to provide a more detailed view. Once the user reaches the Max Clustering Zoom Level, all clusters will expand into individual nodes of each data point.

Once Cluster Nodes are enabled, additional settings will be revealed in the Node Settings section:
  • Cluster Node Distance: Select the maximum proximity at which the node becomes a part of a cluster.
  • Max Clustering Zoom Level: Select the zoom level at which the visual stops clustering nodes and displays each data point as an individual node.
  • Aggregated Node Highlight: Visualize the area of all the grouped nodes
  • Pie Chart on Nodes: Visualize the node values of the cluster as a pie chart (requires data in the Category field). Reveals additional pie chart configuration options once enabled.
If you’re using Name, Color, Image, Shape, or Aura fields to apply node-specific customization values to individual data points, they will not take effect as a part of a Cluster Node and will only be displayed after exceeding Max Clustering Zoom Level.
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