Setting Up Fields

Drill Down Graph PRO uses graph database structure to visualize data as nodes, identify node relationships and connect them with nodes. This visual has three mandatory fields:

You can also use the optional fields to adjust the appearance or behavior of individual nodes and links or add tooltip content. Leaving these fields blank will apply settings from Nodes (default category) and Links (default category) sections in the Format Visual tab of the Visualizations pane.

The following fields can be used to apply specific formatting conditions to the source node. If you have multiple rows that specify the same source node, than only the first instance of the value for those fields will be taken into account based on their order in your data table (e.g., two rows with the same specified source node yet different source node images.  Only the first image will be applied to the source node). This true for all the settings that are listed below (source node and target node).

The following fields are similar to the above properties, but they are applied to the target nodes of the specific data point. 

You can also use the following optional fields to customize the appearance or behavior of individual links:

In addition, you can add custom tooltip content that will be displayed when right-clicking the node or link.