Source Tooltip Field

This is an optional field that contains data to be displayed in the source node tooltips when the user right-clicks the node. This way, you can provide additional data to the user without cluttering the visual.

The content of this field will be applied to the source node of each data point. If you wish to apply tooltip content to the target nodes, use Target Tooltip Field instead.

If you are using both fields, and a data point is a source and target node at the same time, then Source Tooltip Field will take priority over Target Tooltip Field.


You can also enter URLs in this field, and they will be clickable when displayed in the tooltip (some example use-cases: providing social media profile links or email addresses for each employee node, or website links for external stakeholders).

If you wish to use custom display text for the link, simply format it using HTML hyperlink syntax. Replace the example text with the URL and display text you want to use.

<a href=“Example link”>Example Display Text</a>