Adjustable chart types

Drill Down Donut PRO can visualize your data in three distinct ways to help you create the perfect visualization for your data. You can find these settings in Visualizations pane -> Format Visual tab -> Donut menu.

  • Donut chart: The default behavior of Drill Down Donut PRO. The chart will have an empty middle section. You can adjust the size of the “donut hole” with the Inner Radius setting.
  • Pie chart: Functionally the same as a donut chart, but with no empty middle section. You can achieve this chart style by setting the Inner Radius to 0.
  • Gauge: Instead of a full circle, this setting will visualize the same data on a semicircle. Set the Enable Gauge toggle to On.

Furthermore, you can use the Enable 3D toggle to create a subtle emboss and drop shadow effect for your chart, adding a stylistic flair without compromising readability or data accuracy.