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drill down timeline pro

Drill Down Combo PRO for Microsoft Power BI PBI Certified

Mix & match multiple columns, lines, and areas to create your perfect chart.

  • Display large amounts of data in a tight, screen-space efficient package.
  • Integrate your combo chart in truly interactive reports with cross-chart filtering.
  • Fully customize your chart for any kind of numerical data.
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Combo interactions

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Use cases

Let your numbers tell a story with the use of different elements and see how they compare to your targets with a threshold line.


Compare the performance of your sales agents or product categories against your KPIs.

Project management

See a detailed overview of how your team spends their time and resources.


Display the results of your quantitative research in a slick and interactive way.


Benchmark your products, see if they meet your own targets and compare them against your competition.

Key features

Multiple chart types

Build your perfect visual with a combination of column, line, and area charts. Feature up to 25 different series and unlimited categories within a single chart.

Stacks & clusters

Lay out your data exactly how you want. Stack multiple values in a single column, overlay them on top of each other for a comparison, or show them side-by-side. In addition, you can decide between normal, zero-based or 100% stacking.


See how your numbers stack up against KPIs, benchmarks, or projections by setting static or dynamic thresholds. You can feature up to four different thresholds simultaneously.

Conditional formatting

Set conditions that will automatically apply custom formatting settings to your data. For example, you can mark your columns, areas or lines red if they are below the threshold, or green if they’re above.

No-data policy

Choose how the chart displays values with no data. You can pick between 3 options: Join to extend the data over that gap, Zero to replace the empty space with a zero value, or Skip to stop and begin the one at the next point.

Cross-chart filtering

Leave slicer menus in the past! Drill Down Combo PRO works together with other ZoomCharts visualization tools so you can create truly interactive and easy-to-use reports that will make finding relevant data a breeze.

Bookmark support

Create bookmarks that will show your users exactly the data they need to see. Simply capture a specific view and add convenient shortcut buttons to your report.

Fully customizable

Add your own creative flair to your reports or make it fit your brand guidelines with a wide range of customization options, including color, background, and label formatting, or even custom theme support.

These visuals in your report would fit perfectly with Drill Down Combo PRO:

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Frequently asked questions

There are 2 ways you can stack the series depending on the use case.

1. To stack only some of the series or create multiple stacks. All Series, once enabled, have a separate customization tab under formatting options called `Series X Configuration` in this tab you will find a setting called `stack` each series by default has its own stack number (e.g. Series 1 = stack 1, Series 2 = stack 2 etc.) To create a stack, all you need to do is make sure that all the series you want to stack have the same stack number.

2. You want to stack all Series in a single stack – Once you have added all the series to the visual, go to Formatting Options > Enable and open `Series Default` > change the first setting `Display` from Clustered to Stacked.

Once you have created the stack, what you would need to do is go to Formatting options and enable value labels for the series at the top (last series in the stack). To do this, open Series Configuration and enable `Customize This Series` after that enable `Customize Series Value Labels` and a new setting tab will be added to the list. Now open `Series Value Labels` and make sure that `Use Total Stack Value` has been set to Auto or True.

Once you have created the stack go to Formatting options > Stack Settings > Mode – and change this from `Normal` to `Zero Based` NOTE - Available options are - Normal, 100% Stacked, Zero Based.

Sure, go to Formatting Options > enable `Series Defaults`. Here you will see a list of properties that can be customized for all series together. NOTE - The settings applied here will not take effect on series for which individual series customization has already been enabled. This allows you to have the full flexibility of customizing groups or individual series and create unique chart variations.

Currently only Drill Down capability is available. The rest of these interactions will be added with future updates.

Sure, simply use the Drill Down Combo Bar Pro visual instead of Drill Down Combo PRO to achieve the wanted result. The transition is seamless - all you need to do is add the visual to the report > Select the visual on the report canvas > Click on the Combo Bar visual icon and it will be switched.