Advanced Graph Visual for Microsoft Power BI

First true structured data supporting visual for Power BI.

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ZoomCharts Advanced Visuals let you reduce report development time and ensures impressive user experience on any device.


Advanced functionality

Donut visual offers you professional functionality, several chart variations to choose from and vast customization options.


Professional services

Make use of our instructor-lead training, data visualization consultation and advanced technical support.


Additional benefits

We offer embed site license to get visuals in your applications, as well as custom feature and new visual development on-demand.

How to explore data using Advanced Graph Visual?

Advanced Graph Visual brings a completely new way of exploring data – you may literally dig into data searching for the insights and connections.While standard Microsoft visuals allow you to only click on visuals, with ZoomCharts you may drag and drop various visual components – networking nodes which feels completely natural and yet very powerful – it’s like opening out the curtains covering the window to your data.

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What do I need to do to start the trial?

You only have to enter your email address and we’ll send a download link to you. No credit card details required.

What happens when my trial ends?

After the trial period expires, the configured charts will still be visible/available/accessible in your reports, but you are no longer licensed to use the advanced version of ZoomCharts custom visuals.

Does Advanced Graph Visual support textual type of nodes?

Yes, the node type can be adjusted either for the whole graph under Formatting Options > Nodes (Default Category) > Nodes Type and change the setting from "Shape" to "Text" or only for a specific category in this case open Formatting Options > Category x > Node Type and change the setting.

Can i have multiple node ids in Source and/or To column?

No, the Source column does not support multiple ids.
Yes, the To column supports multiple ids as long as they have been separated by comma delimiter e.g. (E3, E4, E5)

What layout is used in the chart and can it be changed?

The layout that is used in the chart is called “Force Feedback Layout”. At this time it is not possible to change the layout type. Please submit your idea to Ideas portal if you would like to have different layout.

How many different categories does Graph Visual support?

Graph Visual supports up to 9 different categories.

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