Advanced Donut Visual for Microsoft Power BI

Generate powerful insights and explore category-based data using interactive drill-down and auto-grouping features.

Create outstanding and comprehensible Power BI reports

ZoomCharts Advanced Visuals let you reduce report development time and ensures impressive user experience on any device.


Advanced functionality

Donut visual offers you professional functionality, several chart variations to choose from and vast customization options.


Professional services

Make use of our instructor-lead training, data visualization consultation and advanced technical support.


Additional benefits

We offer embed site license to get visuals in your applications, as well as custom feature and new visual development on-demand.

Gallery examples and templates

List through the demonstration of Advanced Donut Visual features and settings. Each example shows unique features and has a pbix file available for download.

3D effect

Donut visual with 3D effect

Fill settings

Slices can be colored using solid or gradient fill. Gradient fill has wide variety of options such as derived color, opacity, hue shift and others.

Chart types

Switch from pie chart to gauge chart. Change the inner radius to adjust the chart look from a pie chart to a very thin donut chart.

Inner and outer radius

Inner and outer radius can be edited to set the size and alter the appearance of the chart.

How to explore data using Advanced Donut Visual?

You can filter and drill-down all-in-one and you are not losing any information as the history of drill-downs remains in the inner circle of the chart.

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What do I need to do to start the trial?

You only have to enter your email address and we’ll send a download link to you. No credit card details required.

What happens when my trial ends?

After the trial period expires, the configured charts will still be visible/available/accessible in your reports, but you are no longer licensed to use the advanced version of ZoomCharts custom visuals.

Can I change the number of slices I see before the rest get grouped into the “Others” slice?

Yes, you can. To do so, please open Formatting Options 🡒 Donut 🡒 Number of Slices and adjust it to your preferences.

How can I create a Pie Chart instead of Donut Chart, which is the default chart type?

To convert your donut chart into a pie chart open Formatting Options 🡒 Donut 🡒 Inner Radius and change the value to “0”.

What type of data is this visual most suitable for?

The Advanced Donut Visual was designed to work best with category based data.

How is the order of drill-down levels defined?

The order drill-down levels is defined by the order in which categories have been added to the Category field in Fields tab. The categories can always be rearranged by dragging and dropping.

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