The purpose of a waterfall visual is to display each individual component that contributes to the final value. ZoomCharts Drill Down Waterfall PRO takes the traditional waterfall one step further by providing interactive drilldowns, smooth animations and rich customization options.

In addition, the visual introduces more freedom and flexibility when it comes to visualizing increases, decreases, and totals: you can add subtotals, change column sequence, hide Total column and customize change columns and totals separately.

Drill Down Waterfall PRO is also optimized to work on both desktop and mobile devices, providing intuitive data exploration experience for your Power BI Reports.

How to build a simple Drill Down Waterfall visual

Simple waterfall visual requires 2 data columns – category and change value.

Add these columns to 2 mandatory data fields -Category and Change . And you will have a simple waterfall chart built, where you will be able to see how each category has contributed to the total end value.

how_to_build_a_simple_waterfall (1)

You can then further customize the visual by using many formatting options and explore it by using on-chart interactions.

Or you can take advantage of optional data fields (Total, Sequence and Tooltip Content ) to add additional information to the chart and set the sequence for the columns.


See the video series below for a detailed step by step guide.