ZoomCharts Drill Down Waterfall PRO is a new addition to the family of ZoomCharts custom visuals and is equipped with all ZoomCharts signature features – interactive drill down, smooth animations and rich customization options. Optimized to work on both desktop and mobile devices providing intuitive user experience.

In addition, ZoomCharts Drill Down Waterfall visual introduces more freedom and flexibility when it comes to visualizing increases and decreases, and totals. Here are some of the key features of this visual:
  • Subtotal display and calculation – add and display subtotals straight from the dataset or calculate them automatically;
  • Adjustable column sequence – set the display order for columns (change values);
  • Display of the total – turn on or off the total column; have it calculated dynamically or make it data driven;
  • Individually customizable positives, negatives and totals  -colors, outlines, column widths, connectors, value labels and more;
  • Static and dynamic thresholds- set up to 4 thresholds to demonstrate targets or benchmarks;
  • Touch-driven slicer - filter the report page by using the visual itself (no need for external slicers);
  • Touch-driven drill down – touch or click any column to drill down into it; long-press it to select the column;
  • Filter control – designate the visual to act as a filter;
  • Bookmark support – save report view configuration;
  • Drill-through support – examine your data in detail;
  • Custom theme support -unify the style of your reports with corporate theme.