Designed for exploration and presentation of category-based data.

The Drill Down Combo Bar visual is a very versatile custom visual, since it allows you to create a bar, area or line and because each of the series can be configured independently, you can create unique chart combinations like clustered and stacked bars + multiple lines + area. This chart truly encourages to use your creativity for data representation. 

Field Setup

To successfully build the Drill Down Combo Bar  you will need categorical data and numeric values (series) describing them. For example, departments in organization and number of employees in each of them.

Category Field

“Category” field defines the list and order of levels that the chart will display automatically.

Category field supports different types of Columns:

  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Date
  • Symbols
All categories can be rearranged by a simple drag and drop motion.

If for example you have 5 different categories added to the "Category" field, the chart will visualize a chart with 5 drill-down levels for which the order will be the same as specified in the “Category”  field. e.g. it will go Region > Department > Title > Seniority > Name

The Drill Down Combo Bar visual allows its user to add up-to 12 independent series to the chart which all can be configured independently.

Series Fields

The “Series” field supports only numerical data.

There can only be 1 numerical value column assigned to each series at the same time