Drill-down and drill up

Drill down to a next time measurment unit. E.g.: Drill down from a yearl by months view to a month by days view. To go back one level, click anywhere on the chart and drag up until you see drill-up animation. You can also drill-up by using the Zoom-out button on the toolbar of the visual. It is possible to set the click to act as a drill-down and a filter.

Click on a column. Click on an imaginable column if chart view mode is set to lines or areas.
Drill-down to larger time period

Timeline axis has two time scale informational elements. Upper line shows time scale for the visualized time grain. Bottom line shows information in larger time scale. You are able to reposition and zoom the visible time range to fit bottom lines timeframe.

Click on a bottom line label
Zoom in and out

Drill Down TimeSeries visual allows you to change visible time period by clicking and dragging up or down. Click on the chart and drag upwards to zoom out. Click on the chart and drag down to zoom in.

Click on the chart and drag up. Release when desired zoom level reached. You may also use dedicated "Zoom out" button.
Scroll forward and back (time)

Change the displayed time period to earlier or later by dragging the timeline to the right or to the left.

Click on the chart and drag to the right or left. Chart will continue movement by inertia and stop. Click again to stop it manually.
Finetune visible time period

Finetune visible time period of the chart by changing the zoom level and adjusting start and end points of the visible time span by single interaction.

Click on the chart and drag to any direction. Release when desired zoom level reached.
Select time period

Select time period of your liking to view totals for the selection and drill-down to the selected time period if you wish.

Click and drag horizontally on the timeline axis to select time region.
Change selected time period

Edit the selected time period.

Click on the selection side and drag it horizontally.
Remove selection

Remove the selection of the time period.

Right click on the selected area.
Drill-down to selected time period

Drill-down and zoom in to a selected time period.

Click on the selected area.
Change time grain

Choose different time agreggation unit. Agreggation units list can be customized.

Use dedicated "Displayed time unit" button.
Toggle Lin/Log view

Toggle y-axis from linear to logarithmic scale and back.

Use dedicated "Lin/Log" button.