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Report Author: Agbata Dickson Ukolojo


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Report submitted for Onyx Data DataDNA ZoomCharts Mini Challenge, May 2024. The report was built based on Tech Support Analysis dataset and includes ZoomCharts custom Drill Down PRO visuals for Power BI. 

Author's description:
The report provides an analysis of service metrics for tickets generated from January 2023 to December 2023, segmented into four sections:
1. Volume Trends: This section examines the monthly ticket volumes, including month-over-month comparisons, as well as breakdowns into daily and hourly ticket trends. It also delves into weekly ticket volumes with a focus on weekdays.
2. Categories: Here, we assess ticket volumes concerning SLA compliance and violations across request topics, priorities, and severity levels. Additionally, we analyze agent interactions, product groups, and resolution timeframes.
3. Content: This segment evaluates the distribution of ticket volumes by request topic, source, and country. It also compares priorities based on average resolution times against SLA benchmarks, as well as the time taken for tickets to enter the resolution process by source.
4. Performance: In this section, we analyze the average time taken for tickets to move through the resolution process compared to SLA, both in terms of hours and days. Furthermore, we assess agent satisfaction rates, topic satisfaction rates, and product group satisfaction rates throughout the resolution process.

•Tickets volume recorded 2330, SLA within 2019 (87%) and SLA violated 311 (13%). Approximately 4 satisfaction rates from the survey results, and an average of 1.4 days of resolution time against 1.6 days SLA resolution days.
•Peak of 224 Tickets, -29.02% Decline in February, followed by 26.59% Surge in April.
•There’s a high record of Tickets at the evening hours of the day, and the peak hour falls at 15:00 (3:00 PM) over the year 2023.

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