ZoomCharts Custom Visuals for Power BI FAQ

Are ZoomCharts custom visuals for PBI certified by Microsoft?

Yes, ZoomCharts is a certified custom visual developer for Microsoft Power BI.

Do your custom visuals collect any data that are loaded into them?

No, all ZoomCharts custom visuals for Power BI are security certified, meaning that they have passed strict security tests from Microsoft Power BI team and are completely safe for the user.

Do ZoomCharts Custom Visuals work with standard visuals for filtering?

Yes, ZoomCharts Custom Visuals react and cross-filter all other Power BI visuals.

What if I start a subscription for 1 month and then cancel it?

In order to continue to use ZoomCharts Custom Visuals in your company, you need to buy at least one active license - otherwise, use of paid ZoomCharts Custom Visuals is illegal.

If I need a customization/feature, can I have it?

Yes, you can request new features and we will add them to the feature backlog. It you need a feature instantly, please write to sales@zoomcharts.com

If I buy a bundle now, would I get access to all new charts?

Yes. All new visuals that are being released while you have active Power BI custom visuals bundle subscription, will be available for you to download from your ZoomCharts account.

Can I buy the visuals using Amex/PayPal?

Yes, in order to buy the visuals using an Amex credit-card or PayPal, please contact us at sales@zoomcharts.com

Can I pay via wire-transfer?

Yes, you can. If you need an invoice, please write to sales@zoomcharts.com

Can I purchase a perpetual / lifetime license for the custom visuals?

Yes, to get more information for this please write to sales@zoomcharts.com

Can I set up a monthly billing frequency for my subscription?

Yes, we offer this option, but only to subscriptions, that have 10 or more users accounted in the license, please contact sales@zoomcharts.com to set this up.

Do I need to purchase a Custom Visual license for the total PBI user count in the company?

No, a Custom Visual license is required for only those users who have access to the reports that have our visuals deployed in them.

What if my case does not fit the standard pricing policy?

In such case, talk to us, so we can understand your scenario. Based on your business and usage, we will be able to work out a solution.

What if the user count changes and I need to transition to another license?

In such case write to sales@zoomcharts.com and we will switch you to another plan.

What is your refund policy?

We do offer 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked. If you would like to know more about it, please talk to us.

Do you offer Microsoft Power BI implementation services?

No. Additionally to the Custom Visuals that are listed on the web, we provide custom features development for those and a new Custom Visual development. Send us an email.

Do you share your development roadmap?

Not usually, no. If there's functionality you need but don't see within any Custom Visual, please send a feature request to our Custom Visuals team. You may learn we're already working on it.

Do you develop custom visuals based on client`s needs?

Yes, for more information on this matter please send us an email.

How to deploy ZoomCharts Custom visuals in your organization?

You can upload the pbiviz files to the organization visuals (in the admin portal) and have them available to the end users (the report authors) from the "My Organization" tab in the marketplace. Once you import the visual, it will be automatically updated with new versions that the you upload to the repository.