Move map layer

    Click, hold and drag - Click either left or right mouse button hold it down and drag the visual in any direction to move the map around

    Select location to filter data

    Left click on a location for it to be selected and used as filter for the rest of the report page

    Select Multiple points to filter data

    ctrl + click - hold down CTRL and left click on all the points you want to select and filter.

    Show more info about location node or node cluster

    Right click on the item, to open tooltip, which holds additional information about the location

    Zoom in/out for map visual

    Use zoom controls "+" and "-" that are located in the top left corner of the visual

    Use mouse scroll to zoom in/out within the visual

    Double left click on the map to zoom in within the map

    Selection Zoom

    Hold down SHIFT left click and drag on the map to select a region, where you want to zoom in

    Open Multi-page tooltip

    Left click on node cluster to open Multi-page tooltip

    Filter on shape and category selection

    Left click on any shape that`s displayed within the visual, to filter a specific area from the map

    Enable/Disable "Lasso Tool" (allows the user to draw custom selectable shapes directly on the visual)

    Left click on the toolbar item in the bottom left, to activate "Lasso Tool" once activated use left click on the map, to mark the drawn area points

    Delete Custom (Lasso Drawn) Shape

    while "Lasso Tool" is enabled right click on the drawn shape and click on "Delete" to remove the shape from the map

    Edit Custom (Lasso Drawn) Shape

    Left click on the lines or corners of lasso drawn shapes, to edit its contours

    Finish Edit Custom (Lasso Drawn) Shape

    Right click on the map to finish editing a particular Lasso shape