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This Power BI invoice dashboard template lets you easily see the total invoice count and identify paid, overdue, and unpaid invoices.

Using the donut chart as a filter for the rest of the Power BI report, you can conveniently sort through invoices by their status. The custom map visual shows you the total paid and unpaid invoice amount by their respective location, due to its unique donut chart feature.

This Power BI report use case features cross-chart filtering, meaning all the charts work together, enabling users to answer any questions on the fly.
There is also a table that shows the details of each invoice.

Key features

  • Drill Down Map PRO lets you easily visualize and customize map charts.
  • Drill Down Donut PRO lets you create stunning donut charts.
  • Drill Down Timeline PRO lets you visualize and drill down time-based data using DAX calculated measures.
  • Cross-chart filtering.
  • Search bar and table to easily find more precise information.

How to use this template

To interact with this report, simply click any active elements directly on the charts. Download this report to see all the settings, formulas, and calculations. Try it out with your own data by making a few adjustments.

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