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This Power BI template report lets you perform a thorough inquiry analysis. Easily monitor won, open, and lost inquiries - you can use the respective donut chart to filter the report by inquiry status. You can use the Drill Down Timeline PRO and Drill Down Combo PRO visuals to see incoming inquiries by timeline and hour to see how quickly each agent responds to an inquiry.

To perform further analysis, you can filter by department and agent to see their performance in relation to incoming inquiries. Note that Drill Down Combo Bar PRO can be customized to act as a funnel chart that depicts withdrawal rates.

This report lets you perform all manner of cross-checks using cross-chart filtering, thus compacting large amount of data into a single interactive Power BI report.

Key features

  • Drill Down Timeline PRO lets you visualize and drill down time-based data using DAX calculated measures.
  • Drill Down Combo PRO and Combo Bar PRO lets you create all manners of bar and column charts.
  • Drill Down Donut PRO lets you create stunning donut charts.
  • Lin/log scale to adjust the readability of the chart.
  • Others slice for the donut charts to compact smaller slices for visibility purposes.
  • Donut charts work as filters for the rest of the report.

How to use this template

To interact with this report, simply click any active elements directly on the charts.

Download this report to see all the settings, formulas, and calculations. Try it out with your own data by making a few adjustments.

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