ZoomCharts is a cross-platform HTML5 charts library

for creating interactive visual data interfaces optimized for touch-screen devices and web applications.

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  • D Chrome 4.0+
  • C IE 9.0+
  • A Firefox 3.5+
  • E Safari 4.0+
  • B Opera 10.5+
  • G Android 2.1+
  • F iOS 3.2+
  • H Windows Phone
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ą Save time & costs Reduce data visualization development time by 80%.

ī Any modern device Works on Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, iOS, Android. Full repsonsiveness to fit any screen size.

ĩ Different data types Works with Excel, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PGSQL, MongoDB Neo4J and others.

ZoomCharts bridges the gap between Big Data and mobile devices

This is how we do it:
  • 1 Ultra high interactivity

    We have created ZoomCharts to truly be the most interactive charts out there. Multi-touch gestures for touchscreen devices, charts-on-charts technology, rich API and more!

  • 2 Blazing fast

    No legacy code. No stone-age browsers supported. We choose canvas technology and throttle HTML5 to full power!

  • 3 Any device

    Whether it's a huge touchscreen TV or an iPhone, ZoomCharts super fast and smooth animations look good on any device!

  • 4 Big data ready

    Millions of data points? Terabytes of data? ZoomCharts is made for this. Incremental loading & smart cache are just some of our under-the-hood features.

ZoomCharts compared to other charts:

  • ZoomCharts   Other charts
  • Built for multi-touch devices Interaction Limited or none
  • Superior performance on most of contemporary mobile devices Mobile devices Mostly slow animations, dropped framerate
  • Fluid and fine-tuned for best experience Animations Mostly none
  • Full control over any aspect API Limited or none
  • Built in. Different interacting layers in one chart Charts-on-charts Separated chart objects with no mutual interaction
  • Big Data ready via smart data loading and advanced caching Big Data Mostly none
  • All charts support data drill-down, enhanced with stunning animations Drill-Down Mostly none or custom development

ZoomCharts provides you with various chart families:

  • Q
    The most natural experience of network exploration Know more
  • R
    The most efficient way of exploring time-based data Know more
  • M
    Explore multi-level data in depth and across the level of interest Know more
  • N
    Explore single and multi-dimensional data with optional side-by-side comparison Know more
  • P
    Location based data on an interactive map Know more
  • S
    New chart types
    We are constantly brainstorming and working on new ways to visualize and explore data.

Charts-on-charts technology

The most amazing patent pending feature of ZoomCharts. Start with GeoChart, add a NetChart on top of that and finally enhance it with interactive PieCharts

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Don’t want to bother with an integration? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

ZoomCharts Solutions & Services

  • ŋ ZoomCharts based rich interface to fit your needs
  • Á Unique custom features on demand
  • Ā A to Z service from planning to a launch-ready interface
Janis Volbergs

15+ years of experience, mastership in web development, IT entrepreneur, graduated Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

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