Explore multi-level data in depth and across the level of interest

Step 1:

PieChart is built to provide it's user full access to all levels of the data. Built-in drill-down gives quick access to sub-levels; automatic grouping in "others and previous" provide full access to all data in the selected level. Advantage of this is that all data is visible, fostering better decision making.


Full access to all levels of your data. Drill-down vertically and explore data on the selected level using "others" and "previous" auto-grouping. Go back by clicking in middle.

  • Display options

    Various pre-set visual themes. Almost any visual aspect can be customized.

  • Drill-down

    Easy to use drill-down technology. Unlimited depth and an intuitive built-in level-up navigation.

  • Labels & Legend

    Various interactive legend and label options.

Can I use it? Yes. ZoomCharts JavaScript SDK can be added to any web, mobile or desktop application. With a simple integration connect it to virutally any data source. Once integrated, use it on any contemporary device with a JavaScript support.
  • Any Browser

    Html5 & javascript is supported in all contemporary browsers

  • Any Device

    Works on Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, iOS, Android

  • Any Backend

    Compatible with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PGSQL, MongoDB, Neo4J and others

How does it happen?
Integration example

ZoomCharts is designed for integration to be as simple as possible

This fully functional PieChart is created just with a couple of lines of the code:

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