ZoomCharts HTML5 Charts Library

Build cool-looking user interfaces with ZoomCharts JavaScript library

Chart family Net Chart

Part of ZoomCharts html5 charts library built to visualize and interactively explore and control networks, graphs and relations.

Chart family Time Chart

Part of ZoomCharts html5 charts library for the most efficient way of exploring time-based data.

Chart family Pie Chart

Part of ZoomCharts html5 charts library to explore multi-level data in depth and across the level of interest.

Chart family Facet Chart

Part of ZoomCharts html5 charts library explore single and multi-dimensional data with optional side-by-side comparison.

Chart family Geo Chart

Part of ZoomCharts html5 charts library for a location based data on an interactive map.

Advantages for ZoomCharts User
  • Explore data much faster

    with ZoomCharts html5 charts Full multi-touch support

    Interact with data using touch and multi-touch gestures.
  • Explore data on mobile devices

    with ZoomCharts html5 charts canvas technology

    Much better performance on mobile devices. Your customers will be able to explore data on-the-go.
  • Save time on data exploration

    with ZoomCharts html5 charts charts-on-charts technology

    Explore multiple dimensions of data within one chart object to save time on data exploration.
  • Navigate different dimensions of data

    with ZoomCharts html5 charts drill-down capabilities

    Your customers can explore different aspects of data much faster, save time and make better decisions.
  • Avoid configuration errors easily

    with ZoomCharts html5 charts property validation

    Your developers save time on debugging and development of your application.
  • Set up more easily

    with ZoomCharts html5 charts extensive documentation

    Easy to learn and understand. Save time on development.
Outstanding Performance

ZoomCharts HTML5 charts are outperforming competition by being built from scratch with pure performance in mind

  • 60fps on mobile devices

    Fluid animations, fast data processing makes data exploration efficient and enjoyable.

  • Incremental loading

    Built to load only the data that is required - reducing load data sources and providing significant gain in performance.

  • Terabytes of data

    The first drill-down html5 charts library that has been built from scratch for the era of big data.


The key features of ZoomCharts are drill-down, full multi-touch support, charts-on-charts technology and outstanding performance. These features make end-users more engaged and significantly simplify and improve data driven decision making.

  •   ZoomCharts Typical Charts
  • Interactivity    
  • Drill-down    
  • Multi-touch    
  • Mobile performance    
  • Animations    
  • Charts-on-Charts    
  • Big Data    
  • Network Chart    
Comparison video

See how ZoomCharts html5 charts perform when put on a test with its competition.

  • Default settings
  • Identical mobile devices
  • 20k data points
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At your premises or in a cloud - ZoomCharts html5 charts will work with almost any data source and setup

How is ZoomCharts being used

Add data exploration and visualization feature to your application or build interactive reporting dashboards

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Client testimonials

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  • When I saw ZoomCharts, I immediately thought - WOW! I could really come up with a fantastic presentation of something that is quite complicated and start to visualize it for the client.

    John Clelland Managing Director of Proteus-Cyber
  • What our customers like about ZoomCharts is that it allows to get to the information that they are searching for in a very playfull manner.

    Janis Cunskis Project Portfolio Director of D8 Corporation
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