ZoomCharts Documentation

Introduction to ZoomCharts

What is ZoomCharts

ZoomCharts is a JavaScript/HTML library that helps you add visually rich and interactive charts to your application. With only a minimal amount of code you can visualize your data and let your users discover new insights.

You can use ZoomCharts with any server side programming language (including .NET, PHP, Java, Ruby etc.) and with any client side framework (including AngularJS, jQuery etc.).

Acquire ZoomCharts

The simplest way of acquiring ZoomCharts is to use the library directly from our CDN server:

<script src="https://cdn.zoomcharts-cloud.com/1/stable/zoomcharts.js"></script>

Please see installation section for details on how to retrieve specific versions from CDN.

Also note that although the CDN is hosted on Azure CDN service (provided by Verizon) , we do not guarantee any SLA for its availability. To mitigate this you can download any version from the CDN server as a zip archive to host on your own servers.

Note! In production environment do not use CDN as the source of library. Keep in mind that such versions such as latest, nightly or stable can change any time. To aviod some unexpected changes you should download your local copy of ZoomCharts. And upgrade to newer version whenever you have tested that on your development environment.


ZoomCharts are free to use while you develop and test (including UAT) your application. You need to purchase a license only when your application is deployed in the production environment.

While the library does work without specifying any license key, you need to create an account and include the development license key in your application to suppress license errors shown in the browser console.


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