General Questions Covers questions about ZoomCharts features, set-up, options, chart types and possibilities.
  • What is ZoomCharts?

    ZoomCharts is the world’s most interactive cross-platform HTML5 charts library for creating interactive visual data discovery interfaces optimized for big data, touchscreen and mobile devices.

  • What can I do with ZoomCharts?

    ZoomCharts allows you to create interactive data discovery visualizations with ease. See the ZoomCharts gallery for live examples.

  • Why choose ZoomCharts over other chart libraries?

    Unlike other chart libraries, ZoomCharts are fast on any device - even with large data volumes - thanks to HTML5 canvas technology, incremental loading and smart cache implementation. ZoomCharts is designed for touch-based devices and supports multi-touch input, which no other chart library does.

    Unique patent-pending charts-on-charts feature is available only with ZoomCharts.

    High level interactive network chart is out of the league compared to any of competition.

  • Can I combine different Charts?

    Yes, with ZoomCharts you can easily create Charts-on-Charts interfaces. Start with Net Chart or Geo Chart and add charts on top of that (e.g. PieCharts on GeoChart, NetChart on GeoChart, PieChart on NetChart). This patent-pending feature is unique to ZoomCharts.

  • What chart types does ZoomCharts offer?

    There are 5 main types of charts in the ZoomCharts library: NetChart, TimeChart, PieChart, FacetChart, and GeoChart.

    NetChart is built to enable visualization and navigation of networks. On-demand data loading lets you navigate Big Data instantly.

    TimeChart is the ultimate tool for analyzing time series. Start with the big picture and zoom into shorter time intervals as required. The ultimate tool to control time selection in your application.

    PieChart lets you instantly analyze and navigate your data by allowing you to “drill down” into the composition of each slice of the chart to the most granular level.

    FacetChart lets you examine and analyze data across multiple dimensions within one chart.

    GeoChart lets you visualize and explore location based data. GeoChart is augmented with our unique Charts-on-Charts technology.

    Combine all of them together with charts-on-charts technology to get a multi-dimensional data discovery dashboard.

  • Can I use ZoomCharts offline?

    Yes, please request a quote on ZoomCharts pricing page.

  • Can I use the ZoomCharts to create redistributable client-side software?

    Yes, you can do so with our Enterprise plan. To get a quote please fill this form.

  • What browsers are supported?

    All recent browsers on almost any contemporary device. A detailed list can be found here.

  • What devices are supported?

    Any contemporary device. Starting from a couple-years-old middle-range mobile device (frame rate might be sub 30 on those), up to a newest iPhones, iPads, Android devices. Any laptop with a contemporary OS will work.

  • What server programming languages are supported?

    ZoomCharts library works completely in the browser so it can be used in any project created in any programming language, including, but not limited to PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Java, node.js

  • What client side programming languages are supported?

    ZoomCharts API can be used from JavaScript (ECMAScript 5) or any language that compiles to JavaScript like CoffeeScript or TypeScript. The library also includes typing files that can be used in TypeScript to provide rich intellisense (autocomplete) and compilation time type checking reducing runtime errors.

  • What base library is used for ZoomCharts?

    ZoomCharts do not use any base library as is written from scratch. It does use serveral OSS components for certain functionality.

  • Can I export the chart?

    Yes, ZoomCharts offers various export options. A jpg format image for web use. Hi resolution (300dpi) transparent png file for use in prints. A pdf file. An Excel file format and a CSV file export are also available.

Getting Started How to download, include ZoomCharts library in to your project, how to set-up a chart.
  • How do I create a new Chart?

    Read the "How to make a chart" section for your desired chart type in documentation "Overview" section.

  • Where can I find documentation for ZoomCharts?

    ZoomCharts documentation is available online at all times. Go to Documentation.

  • Where can I find some example code?

    See ZoomCharts Gallery page. Open any example and find a “View source” link on top left corner. Or go straight to documentation, select a chart and go to Examples section.

    TimeChart examples, NetChart examples, PieChart examples, FacetChart examples, GeoChart examples

  • Does ZoomCharts offer a hosted version?

    Yes, you are free to choose to download ZoomCharts library or use the hosted version.

  • Can I download and host the chart code locally or on an intranet?


  • Does ZoomCharts require any kind of javascript framework/library?

    No. ZoomCharts library does not require any framework. Moreover, it is framework independent - you can use ZoomCharts with any other framework you prefer.

  • I have a different question/problem, who do I contact to get more information?

    Go to ZoomCharts support page and contact us the way you prefer.

Using The API How to use settings & configuration options.
  • How can I... ?

    Settings and configuration options are covered in ZoomCharts Documentation

  • What data formats are supported?

    Currently ZoomCharts works with data in JSON format but by adding a small JavaScript function the charts can work with data in almost any format.

  • I am looking for an example code of Social Network demo, where can I get it?

    You can download an example here.

  • Do you have any directive/bridge to allow us to use the zoomcharts in our angularJs app?

    You can download an example here. For Angular2 see the forum entry here.

Troubleshooting Something does not work as it should? Find answers in this section.
  • Why doesn't my chart appear?

    If chart is does not appear, typically there are errors in your javascript implementation. Please, check the browser console for more information. Also, make sure that you have actually included ZoomCharts javascript library. If there are no errors and if library is included, check CSS rules for the container where the chart is being added - if container is hidden and/or if the widht/height is 0, chart might not appear. If none of the solutions help, please, contact support and provide source code for your ZoomCharts integration.

Support Support explained.
  • What is standard support?

    With standard support answers are typically provided over an email and in less than 1 working day, but response time might vary based on the availability of support services. You are also welcome to use our forum for support questions.

  • What is Priority support?

    Priority support ensures much quicker response times and priority in the support queue.

  • How can I get Priority support?

    You can buy Priority Support together with any ZoomCharts SDK purchase (See pricing). Or send us an inquiry.

  • Can I get a new feature implemented by ZoomCharts?

    If you need a new feature in ZoomCharts, please send your feature request to support@zoomcharts.com or use our Forum to submit a feature request. Once we receive your request, we will evaluate the usefulness and complexity of it. We may then add it to our road map and you will get an estimate of when that feature might be implemented. Alternatively, under a custom feature development program, such feature might be added much more quickly for a fee. Request a Quote.

  • I need a custom feature / integration / consultation / training

    To get a quote, please, send your request with details about your requirements to: support@zoomcharts.com or fill this form.

OSS ZoomCharts SDK is using following OSS libraries: