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ZoomCharts for excel users

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What's so special?

  • Instant, Simplified and Visual Data Discovery and Exploration

  • Simultaneous Analysis, Presentation and Decision making

  • Adaptive, Dynamic, Responsive and Engaging Story Telling

  • Visual filters

    Filter directly from charts
  • Automatic

    Conversion from raw data to interactive visualization
  • Responsive

    Click, touch, swipe and pinch to change views
  • Data security

    Data does not leave end-user device
  • Cross-device

    Works on desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Search

    Full-text search-as-you-type

How does it work?

  • 1Use a template or prepare an excel file

    Only flat data is supported

  • 2Open web app and browse the excel file

    Your excel file is parsed in your browser. Data does not leave your device. 100% secure.

  • 3Explore, present and collaborate

    Touch the charts to filter your data. Customize and share when necessary.

Can I use it?

  • Use web app on any modern device

    Application is compatible with all contemporary computing devices and supports all popular desktop and mobile operating systems.

  • Excel, CSV, Google Sheets

    While application is made to work with Microsoft Excel format file, it will also work with various other files: Google Sheets, CSV, TXT.

  • Secure by design

    Data does not leave end-user device unless you share your report. Excel file is converted to an interactive visualization directly in your browser.

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Smart. Beautiful. Excel.

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