Your Powerpoint presentations will come alive with ZoomCharts!

Aug 25, 2015

With almost every presentation we create, we face a fundamental challenge – how to display and present huge amount of data without losing audience interest (and invoking the term “Death by Powerpoint”).
There are countless tips on how to properly visualize data, but all of them focus on how to differently present existing data/images, and either look ugly or demand too much resources for something that should be a simpler task – until now.

Interactive HTML5 charts for PowerPoint presentations

ZoomCharts allows for completely new way of presenting huge amounts of data, and more – drilldown, exploring and analysis in real time, which is just not possible with simple images. With ZoomCharts technology, your presentations will truly come alive, creating lasting impression on viewers no matter which topic your data belongs to.
  • Engage your audience with relevant data.
  • Respond to reaction and act instantly.
  • Show data sets that make sense.
  • Visualize live data stream right in your powerpoint presentation if you wish to.
  • One interactive presentation for different audiences.
ZoomCharts empowers PowerPoint presentations for higher goals.

How to create an interactive presentation with ZoomCharts?

At first, of course, you have to have an online or locally stored page with a functioning ZoomCharts chart. After that is done, it is actually very easy to include interactive ZoomCharts chart object to a ppt file. Here is how to do this:

1. Open the Powerpoint document

2. Select the “Insert” tab, press the “Store” button

3. Find the “Web Viewer” add-on

4. Hit “Trust-it” button when prompted. This will instantly add an object to your Powerpoint presentation that will have an option to display a web page in it.

5. Now copy the web address to the ZoomCharts chart page which you are willing to include in your Powerpoint presentation and hit the “Preview” button!

See the youtube video how interactive would a presentation get with ZoomCharts:

Download sample powerpoint presentation with ZoomCharts interactive charts in it here.
With such rich, interactive data visualization built-in to your powerpoint presentations, you will have a lot more power to make an influence to your audience.
Get the ZoomCharts now and enjoy your data!

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Online Examples

See various ZoomCharts exmaples in our online examples gallery. Each of examples has sample source code exposed.

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