Turn your spreadsheets into interactive reports in seconds

Nov 09, 2016

We introduce Spreadsheet Analytics. That means there is a new way to visualize and explore your spreadsheet data. Spreadsheet Analytics is an application build using ZoomCharts SDK and it shows only part of what you can achieve with ZoomCharts technology.

Let's list what benefits Spreadsheet Analytics offer:

Visualize your excel file.

You have an excel file with a lot of records in it? Would you like to see how that data looks in various graphics or charts? Maybe even use those charts to select fields, group, filter and sort on the fly? ZoomCharts Spreadsheet Analytics application does that and even more! Spreadsheet Analytics uses ZoomCharts interactive charts meaning you get a new and awesome way to explore your data.

Visual Filtering.

Touch any slice on Pie Charts to filter the data accordingly. Select time range to filter data by time.
Have more than one date column or multiple value columns? Switch to any of those using single click. All the charts interact with each other other.

Stacked TimeChart.

You can even view stacked data on TimeChart instead of just count or sum.

At the example below TimeChart data can be stacked by products, managers or source, meaning that TimeChart allows you to visually faster understand such information like how many what kind of products have been sold in particular period or who was the best manager in that period.

Look for "Stack by" button at the top-right side of the TimeChart.

Find the relevant data points.

Narrow the results using instant full-text search with search-as-you type implementation.

Your data doesn't leave your PC.

We care about your data, we have put a lot of effort to make our application safe. When you select an excel file to be processed, it's not uploaded anywhere and stays in your browser.

Even when you select an option to share report with someone, data is being encrypted before saved to our server. So the URL you receive when sharing your report is the only way to access it, so keep it safe!

Share your reports with others.

Want to send a report to some colleague? No problem. Even more - you can filter some results like specific time period and/or any other field values, and share that particular results with anyone.

Spreadsheet Analytics offer various sharing options:

  • Download shortcut - a html file that contains encrypted data and automatically posts those data to Spreadsheet Analytics. Filters are preserved. Nothing is sent to our servers.
  • Cloud sharing - an option to share your data with a link. In this case we receive encrypted data and save them to our servers. The only way to access those data is by opening a link that is generated and returned to you. Then it's fully up to you to whom you want to send that link.
  • Download json file - a file that contains all data and filters.
  • Embed - imagine your interactive report with your data embedded in your blog or website. How awesome is that?

Use on mobile devices.

Analyze your data on any device and in any situation even in your phone.

Spreadsheet Analytics consists of:
  • TimeChart - interactive chart displaying your data by date and time. It allows to stack data and group by various fields.
  • PieCharts - every column data that isn't date and coordinates is displayed in PieCharts. Interactive chart that show proportion of column values. All the charts interact between each other. Click on one chart will filter records accordingly in other charts.
  • Grid - table where filtered results are displayed. You can limit how many records can be visible.

Spreadsheet data on the map.

Spreadsheet Analytics offer you to see the data on the map with aggregated data points. All you need is data with coordinates (wgs84 formatted). We try to make your work with data easier and so you'll soon have a feature to use geocoding. All countries or addresses will be automatically converted to coordinates and displayed on the map.

Data sources.

  • Excel file - but it isn't the only supported file type.
  • ZIP file containing data formatted in json.
  • Google Docs spreadsheets - load file providing URL.
  • POST data - any table data can be visualized in Spreadsheet Analytics with just a single button.

Merge multiple data sources.

If you have more than one excel file that you would like to visualize with some similar data - you can merge those files just by selecting another file. You can do that even if you have one data in excel file and the other in google spreadsheets or json format.


With a TimeChart:

Go to example

With a GeoChart:

Go to example

Using API:

A standard table you can see in many websites. Check out how this table looks in Spreadsheet Analytics.
DateManagerSourceProductCount soldSum

Or simply start the free trial and try all the goods that the Spreadsheet Analytics application offers!

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