Interactive Network Chart Custom Visual comes to Power BI!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of the 4th custom visual to our collection of Power BI visuals - the Network Chart Custom Visual (in 2017 we launched three custom visuals for Microsoft Power BI that boost productivity for Power BI users through multi-touch enabled data drill-through features).

The basic network chart visual is available for free on Microsoft AppSource, and the customizable paid version can be purchased here.

The Network Chart for Power BI sets itself apart with the ability to visualize data as a network structure and at the same time to filter data through a variety of gestures and smart touches on all devices. The graph structure let's you see the implied connections in data making important decision making more efficient and obvious.

What is the ZoomCharts Network Chart Custom Visual for Microsoft Power BI?

The Network Chart custom visual is a third-party add-on to Microsoft Power BI which, according to Gartner, is a leader in the business intelligence and analytics platform market. Users of the program can implement these interactive charts into their business intelligence reports for easier and more engaging data exploration, and lets the explorer find answers faster.

The chart is fully interactive, letting you visualize and filter the data through the chart to focus in on a certain point of interest. The chart is supported on all devices, and supports multi-touch exploration on touch devices, and lets you pan, click, and zoom on desktop as well.

The chart is available in free and premium versions.

Features of the free Network Chart visual for Power BI include:

  • Fully depict data as a network structure with the ability to filter the data from within the visual
  • Smooth connecting visuals
  • Cross-category filtering
  • Dynamic force feedback layout
  • Expanding/collapsing vertices
  • Hide/Unhide vertices
  • Select one or multiple vertices
  • Category-coded colors for vertices (non-configurable)
  • Inner and outer labels for vertices (non-configurable)
  • Dynamic radius for vertices (non-configurable)

Paid features include: 

  • Legend control
  • Customizable vertices
  • Support for images inside vertices
  • Value-based edge labels
  • Inside/outside label configuration
  • Configurable dynamic radius for vertices
  • Configurable dynamic width for edges
  • Edge decorations
  • Up-to 9 categories

What can you do with interactive network chart for Power BI?

If a picture says a thousand words, then an interactive chart provides a thousand conclusions. Before delving into specifics of what you can do with ZoomCharts Network Chart, take a second to click through this live example of a Microsoft Power BI report:

Network charts by definition are used to depict the relationship between various elements. They're often used by cyber security and banking industries, but are by no means limited to them.

Some practical use cases of interactive network charts include:

  • Visualize customer relations
  • Drilldown of financial data by region, department, employees and more
  • Analysis of client referral programs
  • IT IP network connections
  • Sales relationships and customer sales rep associations

The value of the interactivity of the charts is the ability to depict a wide array of information within one chart, taking up minimal space within a BI report. This is thanks to the ability to maneuver through the chart as necessary, to explore different aspects in data.

How to get started with Power BI Network Chart

To get started, go to Microsoft Power BI and sign in. Then, either purchase the full-featured Advanced Network Chart visual or download the free Network Chart custom visual for the interactive network graph to add to your BI reports.

If you're interested in other interactive graph options, consider other chart widgets of ours for Power BI:

Take a tour of Microsoft Power BI to get a feel for the many reports you can create with the data visualization tool.


Online Examples

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