From the entire ZoomCharts team, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter, whether your plans consist of a large consumption of food, chocolate, and candy, spending time with family and friends, Easter egg painting and egg hunts, or going with the kids to see a certain bunny with a basket full of Easter goodies!

The association with Easter and bunnies has been said to come from rabbits as a symbol of rebirth, fertility, and spring, but what about the phrase “multiply like rabbits”? It is a phrase meant to be cheeky and humorous, and was recently in the news again when Pope Francis made a reference to it. But how fast do rabbits actually multiply?

Well, according to Dana Krempels of the University of Miami, rabbit gestation lasts about 28 to 31 days, and a rabbit can have about 1 to 14 babies per litter. In addition, a mother rabbit can be impregnated again within minutes of giving birth. This could mean about 150 new rabbits per year, and over 1000 in one rabbit’s lifetime! Factor in all the new rabbits’ babies and the result is unimaginable.

So if you’re planning to give someone a rabbit as an Easter gift this year, perhaps the ones made of chocolate would be preferable!


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