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This section is defined by the type NetChartSettingsLayout.

Adjustable settings to get desired net chart layout style and animation while and before interacting.


advanced: anonymous type

Advanced chart settings. Be advised that they are subject to change, backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.

adaptiveFreezeTreshold: number
Default value: 1.2
aspectRatio: boolean
Default value: false

Whether to fit network in aspect ratio of chart viewport. Useful for small networks that always fit in chart and are not intended to be zoomed in / out.

globalLayoutOnChanges: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to perform global layout on network changes. Use it for better node placement at the cost of chart slowdown on network changes.

Introduced in version 1.17.0.
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For dynamic layout, settings for gravity that pulls all nodes together.

groupSpacing: number
Default value: null
Introduced in version 1.16.0.

Desired horizontal distance between neighboring nodes with different parents in the hierarchy layout. By default 2*nodeSpacing

incrementalLayoutMaxTime: number
Default value: 300

Maximum time to wait for incremental layout to be completed. Note that bigger value will get nicer placement on network updates at the cost of longer delay.

initialLayoutMaxTime: number
Default value: 2000

Maximum time to wait for initial layout to be completed. Note that bigger value will get nicer placement of big networks at the cost of long initial delay.

layoutFreezeMinTimeout: number
Default value: 1500

Dynamic layout can be stopped faster if no more movement is detected.

layoutFreezeTimeout: number
Default value: 10000

Dynamic layout is stopped after user is inactive for this time.

mode: "dynamic" | "radial" | "hierarchy" | "static" | "swimlane"
Default value: "dynamic"

Layout mode.

Valid values:
  • dynamic - incrementally update whole network when user moves nodes
  • radial - Position graph nodes in concentric rings, starting form initial node.
  • hierarchy - Position graph nodes top-down, starting from initial node
  • static - other nodes stay fixed while user moves nodes.
nodeSpacing: number
Default value: 16

Desired distance between nodes.

rotation: number
Default value: 0
Introduced in version 1.14.0.

For hierarchy layout, clockwise rotation of the tree(s), measured in degrees. 0 = top-down tree; 90 = right-left tree; 180 = bottom-up tree, etc. Also affects placement of multiple trees the same way.

rowSpacing: number
Default value: null

Desired vertical distance between node rows in the hierarchy layout.

sortForestBySize: boolean
Default value: true

For hierarchy layout, whether to sort trees during layout

sortNodes: boolean
Default value: false

For hierarchy layout, whether to sort the nodes during layout

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Settings for swimlane layout

twoRingRadialLayout: boolean
Default value: false
Introduced in version 1.12.0.

For radial layout, whether to lay out the first level in two rings, if necessary.