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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from ItemsChartSettingsLinkStyle.


This type does not define any methods.


background: boolean

Specifies if the link was used for radial/hierarchy layout (false) or not (true). This flag is ignored (always false) by static/dynamic layouts.

cursor: string

Data object that this link represents.

direction: string

null or "U", "D", "L", "R"

fillColor: string

Node at the start of the link.

fromDecoration: "circle" | "arrow"

The decoration rendered where the link starts.

Valid values:
  • circle
  • arrow
hovered: boolean

Whether or not the mouse cursor is hovering over the link.

id: string

ID of the link

invisible: boolean

Specifies if the link is invisible - thus completely skipping the drawing and hit testing. However the link is not removed. This flag is set only by user code.

label: string
length: number
lineDash: Array<number>
radius: number

Specifies the width of the line rendered for this link.

relevance: number

Link relevance is used in NetChart when the navigation mode is focusnodes and is intended to be a rough measure of how "interesting" a link is. For information about what relevance is and how it's calculated, see the Focusnodes algorithm.

See also
removed: number | boolean

If this is false, then the node is visible. If it is true or a non-zero a number (a "truthy" value), then the removal animation is in progress. After the removal animation completes, the node will be hidden.

selected: boolean

Whether or not the link is selected.

shadowBlur: number
shadowColor: string
shadowOffsetX: number
shadowOffsetY: number
strength: number

Node at the end of the link.

toDecoration: "circle" | "arrow"

The decoration rendered where the link ends.

Valid values:
  • circle
  • arrow
toPieColor: string
toPieValue: number