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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from ItemsChartSettingsLinkStyle.


This type does not define any methods.


arcAmount: number

How high the curve of the link is, if curving is enabled. Can be negative to arc in the other direction.

arcOffset: number

Where the arc of the curve occurs along the link, between -1.0 and 1.0. -1.0 for at the start point, 1.0 for at the end point.

background: boolean

Specifies if the link was used for radial/hierarchy layout (false) or not (true). This flag is ignored (always false) by static/dynamic layouts.

cursor: string

Data object that this link represents.

definesLayout: boolean

Whether this link is considered in calculating a hierarchy layout

direction: string

null or "U", "D", "L", "R"

fillColor: string

Node at the start of the link.

fromDecoration: "circle" | "open arrow" | "hollow arrow" | "arrow"

The decoration rendered where the link starts.

Valid values:
  • circle
  • open arrow
  • hollow arrow
  • arrow
hovered: boolean

Whether or not the mouse cursor is hovering over the link.

id: string

ID of the link

invisible: boolean

Specifies if the link is invisible - thus completely skipping the drawing and hit testing. However the link is not removed. This flag is set only by user code.

label: string
length: number
lineDash: Array<number>
lineDashBackgroundFillColor: string
lineDashShape: "rectangle" | "triangle" | "hexagon" | "inverseTriangle" | "inverseHexagon" | "diamond"
orthogonalOffset: number

Where along the link should an orthogonal link split to the other link between 0.0 and 1.0 for the start and end respectively. Note it must not be exactly 0.0 or 1.0.

radius: number

Specifies the width of the line rendered for this link.

relevance: number

Link relevance is used in NetChart when the navigation mode is focusnodes and is intended to be a rough measure of how "interesting" a link is. For information about what relevance is and how it's calculated, see the Focusnodes algorithm.

See also
removed: number | boolean

If this is false, then the node is visible. If it is true or a non-zero a number (a "truthy" value), then the removal animation is in progress. After the removal animation completes, the node will be hidden.

selected: boolean

Whether or not the link is selected.

shadowBlur: number
shadowColor: string
shadowOffsetX: number
shadowOffsetY: number
strength: number

Node at the end of the link.

toDecoration: "circle" | "open arrow" | "hollow arrow" | "arrow"

The decoration rendered where the link ends.

Valid values:
  • circle
  • open arrow
  • hollow arrow
  • arrow
toPieColor: string
toPieValue: number