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This section is defined by the type NetChartSettingsSwimlaneLayout.

Settings for swimlane layout


boxFillColor: string
Default value: "transparent"

What color the label box should be filled with

boxHeight: number

How tall the label box should be

drawVerticalFirst: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to draw horizontal or vertical lanes first. Can be important for lane colors showing up correctly

labelAlign: "center" | "right" | "left"
Default value: "center"
laneFillColor: string
laneSpreadX: number
Default value: 200
laneSpreadY: number
Default value: 200
laneWidth: number
lineColor: string
Default value: "#000000"

What color the swimlane lines are

lineWidth: number
Default value: 3

How wide the swimlane lines are

shouldZoomBox: boolean
Default value: true