ZoomCharts Documentation


Describes the base properties shared between all events raised by the different charts.

Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from BaseChartEventArguments.

This type is implemented by PieChartChartClickEventArguments.


This type does not define any methods.


chart: BaseApi
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments

The chart object for which the event has been raised.

clickCredits: boolean
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments
count: number

The total number of slices currently visible (without counting Previous and Others).

Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments
url: string
urlTarget: string
hoverLabel: BaseLabel

Contains the label object if one is currently hovered, null otherwise.

hoverPie: PieChartPie

Contains the currently hovered pie. This can be set while hoverSlice is not if the small pie in the center of the chart (under the Back button) is hovered.

hoverSlice: PieChartSlice

Contains the currently hovered slice. Note that this will also be populated when the label of the slice is hovered.

label: BaseLabel
This property is deprected; use `hoverLabel` instead.
offset: number

The number of slices that are hidden in the Previous slice.

This will be null if the chart has not been rendered.

origin: string
Inherited from: BaseChartEventArguments

The currently open pie object of the chart.

selection: Array<PieChartSlice>

A list of currently selected slices. Note that changes to this array does not result in changes to the selection, use selection() API method for that.

This property is deprected; use `hoverSlice` instead.