ZoomCharts Documentation



getActiveSlice: (): PieChartSlice
Return value
Data type: PieChartSlice


active: boolean
activeSliceId: string
allSlices: Array<PieChartSlice>

Includes all slices that are shown on the screen (including Others/Previous and slices pending removal).

background: boolean
brightness: number
colorDistribution: string
count: number
endAngle: number
fillColor: string
id: string
innerRadius: number
loading: boolean
offset: number

Number of slices in the "previous" slice

othersSlice: PieChartSlice
parentSlice: PieChartSlice
previousSlice: PieChartSlice
radius: number
removed: boolean
rotationSpeed: number
Experimental property - the API might not be stable and is subject to change.
Introduced in version 1.12.0.

The speed of the rotation for the pie. Set to 0 to disable rotation and return the pie to its specified startAngle.

scrollOffset: number

Fraction of the total, describing how far the pie has been scrolled with rotational scrolling.

sliceColors: Array<string>

Contains the list of slices that excludes the Others/Previous and any slices that are being animated for removal.

startAngle: number
total: number
visibleFraction: number