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This type does not define any methods.


active: boolean
brightness: number
cutoutDistance: number
expandable: boolean

Whether to expand the slice as a default click behavior.

fillColor: string
fillColor2: string
fillGradient: GradientDefinition
fraction: number

The fraction of the pie the slice covers. Note that this is represents the visual size, not the value - for that you need to use percent field.

hovered: boolean
icon: string
iconOffset: [number, number, number, number]
id: string
index: number
inside: boolean

Gets or sets the style of the label shown inside the slice. Use insideLabel.text to specify the text that will be displayed. Note that for backwards compatibility it is possible to set this property to a string directly - in this case the value will be written the insideLabel.text but also label.text will be cleared.

insideLabelStyle: BaseSettingsLabelStyle
This property is deprected; use `insideLabel` instead.

Gets or sets the style of the external label. Use label.text to specify the text that will be displayed.

This property is deprected; use `label` instead.
lineBrightness: number
lineColor: string
lineDash: Array<number>
lineDecoration: string
lineWidth: number
originalId: string

Contains the original ID that is populated when the slice is being removed. This property is important since once the removal animation starts, the id property contains an auto-generated ID.

percent: number

The percentage of the value of this slice against the total value of the pie.

Note that value is already multiplied by 100, so if there are two equal slices, both would have the value of 50, instead of 0.5.

removed: boolean
selectDistance: number

Swipe distance towards the center of the pie

selected: boolean
selection: number

Slice partial swipe distance

url: string
urlTarget: string
userPlaced: boolean
value: number