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This type is implemented by BaseDataErrorResponse, FacetChartDataObject, FacetChartDataObjectCommon, FacetChartDataObjectRoot, GeoChartAggregationDataObjectNode, GeoChartDataObject, GeoChartGeoDataObjectLink, GeoChartGeoDataObjectNode, ItemsChartDataObjectBase, ItemsChartDataObjectLink, ItemsChartDataObjectNode, NetChartDataObject, NetChartDataObjectLink, NetChartDataObjectNode, PieChartDataObject, PieChartDataObjectCommon, PieChartDataObjectRoot and TimeChartDataObject.


This type does not define any methods.


extra: any

Store any additional data values within this field. Although it is possible to extend the data object itself with additional fields it is not recommended to do so because a future ZoomCharts version could introduce a known parameter with the same name thus changing the behavior of an existing chart.