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Inheritance hierarchy

This type inherits from ItemsChartDataObjectLink. Through this type it also inherits members from ItemsChartDataObjectBase, BaseDataErrorResponse and BaseDataObjectBase.


This type does not define any methods.


className: string
Inherited from: ItemsChartDataObjectLink
error: string
Inherited from: BaseDataErrorResponse

If the data could not be retrieved, this field can be used to instruct the chart to cancel the data request and log an error. Note that in most cases this field should not be used in favor of returning the correct HTTP status code (such as 404 or 500) so that the browser and any proxies do not cache the response.

extra: any
Inherited from: BaseDataObjectBase

Store any additional data values within this field. Although it is possible to extend the data object itself with additional fields it is not recommended to do so because a future ZoomCharts version could introduce a known parameter with the same name thus changing the behavior of an existing chart.

from: string
Inherited from: ItemsChartDataObjectLink

The ID of the node where the link originates.

id: string
Inherited from: ItemsChartDataObjectLink

The unique identifier of the link.

to: string
Inherited from: ItemsChartDataObjectLink

The ID of the target node.