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This section is defined by the type LinearChartSettingsSeriesColumnsStyle.

Default column style.


clusterPadding: [number, number]
Default value: [2, 2]

Padding for cluster. 0th element - left padding, 1st element - right padding.

connectorLineID: string
Default value: null

Which logical grouping to use for drawing connector lines

connectorLinePositionX: "edge" | "center" | "full"
Default value: "edge"

Where to start drawing the connecting line

Valid values:
  • edge - From nearest edge
  • center - From column center
  • full - From opposing edge
depth: number
Default value: 0

Depth for column. Use it to achieve 3D effect.

depthBrightness: number
Default value: 0.5

Brightness applied to depth components.

enableOutlineLines: boolean
Default value: true

Whether to draw an outline around the columns

fillColor: string
Default value: null

Fill color.

fillGradient: GradientDefinition
Default value: null

Fill gradient. Allows building a gradient fill, bound to values. Contains array of value-color pairs. For example: [[-20, 'rgba(0,0,255,0.4)'],[30,'rgba(255,0,0,0.7)']]. If specified fillGradientMode: "horizontal" or "vertical", then value denotes fraction of the column width and must be in interval from 0 to 1 - this feature is available for columns only For example: [[0,"black"],[0.5,"red"],[1, "orange"]].

fillGradientMode: "vertical" | "horizontal"
Default value: null

Fill gradient orientation for manual fill gradient mode. In use with fillGradient property. "null" for default fillGradient mode, "vertical" for vertical gradient, "horizontal" for horizonal rendering"

fillGradientType: "cylinder"
Default value: null

Fill gradient type lets you have automated fillGradient steps based on different shapes. Supported types are: null | cylinder

fillPattern: string
Default value: null
Introduced in version 1.16.0.

Specifies the URL to the image that will be used as the repeated fill pattern for the series.

When fillPattern is specified, fillGradient is ignored. If fillColor is specified together with fillPattern, it will be used as the background color for the pattern.

gradient: number
Default value: 1

A linear gradient for color change along a line between the column bottom and upper side. Specify "1" for no gradiend. Values 0..` will make the bottom part of columns slightly darker.

Introduced in version 1.13.1.

Style settings for the legend item that is rendered for the series.

Introduced in version 1.13.2.
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Configures the marker that is shown in the legend. Note that the default (shape: null) means that instead of the plain marker, an icon representing the series visual style will be used.

textColor: string
Default value: null
Introduced in version 1.13.1.

The color used for the label of the legend item. Note that for disabled series advanced.disabledSeries.textColor takes precedence.

lineColor: string
Default value: ""

Outline color.

lineDash: Array<number>

Array of line dash pattern to have a dashed line. The array contains length of dash followed by length of space in pixels. A sequence of multiple dash-space values is supported. In case you want to set a solid line, pass empty array: []

lineDashOffset: number
Default value: 0

Start offset of line dash, in pixels

lineWidth: number
Default value: 1

Width of the line.

minHeight: number
Default value: 4

Minimum height of a column in px.

padding: [number, number]
Default value: [1, 1]

Padding for column. 0th element - left padding, 1st element - right padding.

radius: [number, number, number, number]
Default value: [0, 0, 0, 0]

Radius for top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left corner

shadowBlur: number
Default value: 3

Shadow blur effect range.

shadowColor: string
Default value: null

Shadow color of column. If undefined, no shadow will be applied. Leave empty to use default shadow or set your own shadow color.

shadowOffsetX: number
Default value: 1

Shadow direction, x component.

shadowOffsetY: number
Default value: -1

Shadow direction, y component.

widthScale: number
Default value: 1.0

What factor to scale the column widths by, between 0.0 and 1.0.

If set to 0, the columns will be drawn as lines instead of columns.