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This type does not define any methods.


fillColor: string

Marker fill color. If this is not set, then the line color or the fill color of the series is used instead. Use transparent to use transparent fill color.

fillGradient: GradientDefinition

Marker fill gradient. If this is not set, then the fillColor will be used instead.

fillGradientClampMode: string

How to use the gradient value to determine fill color. If "none" or not given, then gradient is drawn directly If "clamp", then use a single solid color based on gradient position

lineColor: string
Introduced in version 1.13.2.

The line color for the marker shape.

lineWidth: number
Introduced in version 1.13.2.

The width of the outline for the marker shape.

shape: "triangle" | "square" | "rhombus" | "triangle2" | "circle"

Specify the shape of markers on the line.

Valid values:
  • circle - draws circles
  • square - draws rectangles
  • rhombus - draws rhombus (diamonds)
  • triangle - draws triangles, pointing up
  • triangle2 - draws triangles, pointing down
width: number

The width of the marker. In case when circle - interpreted as the diameter.